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The best Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus deals in 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is still one of Samsung's most premium phones two years after it was officially released boasting fantastic build quality and a 5.7-inch screen which curves around on both sides.

In essence this phone is a cross between the original Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy Note 5, which sadly for S Pen fans didn't come to the UK. It still represents a decent option if you don't want to splash out on the new Note 8.

The real difference between the Edge+ and the original S6 Edge is the increased screen size – obviously – and the amount of RAM. There's the S7 Edge in the mix as well, offering a nice halfway house between the two - but if it's heft and power you want together, this could be the affordable option for you.

Contract deals disappeared for a while, but have now returned to the shelves, and you can see the best deals in our comparison chart below. Just in case they're withdrawn again, we've also added a second table just with SIM free handset prices, which you can then team with a cheap SIM only deal.

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galaxy s6 edge+ deals

TechRadar's Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus review highlights

Samsung's done really well in some respects with the Galaxy S6 Edge+, and not so well in others. The phone is a joy to use for so many things, and yet there are still far too many elements that don't quite hit the mark to consider this a leading phone.

There's also the issue of how you rate a phablet - many of us think it's just that little bit too big to use in normal life, but for those that like a larger screen, it's perfect. 

However, there are some things that phablet users should expect, not least because they're always paying more for the privilege of having a bigger phone: the battery should always last longer, the screen should be the best around and the power is normally among the best on offer.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ delivers on a lot of this, but doesn't do as well as we'd hoped given the larger dimensions.

We liked

That's not to say that there aren't loads of good bits with this phone - there's nothing better than having a powerful phone that has a brilliant camera, yet still looks the business.

In terms of aesthetic appeal, the S6 Edge+ is definitely one of the best around. The curved edges look great, feel great to slide your finger around and help create the bezel-less display that so many concept artists are desperate to see.

They're completely non-functional, with the elements Samsung is using them for proving to be a bit pointless (or something you could put on a flat screen). That said, I'd still choose the curved Edge phones over the normal variant each time.

The camera is brilliant on the S6 Edge+, much like it was on the smaller phones released earlier this year. The speed with which you can get a great picture is awesome, and everything from zooming to color reproduction to clarity is just top notch.

We've had a few arguments about which phone has the best camera... all we can say is that it doesn't matter which is best, it's just brilliant that we have so many options that are worth getting excited about.

The TouchWiz UI will still divide opinion, and we can see why a number of Samsung users aren't a fan of it... but in reality it's cleaner than ever before and doesn't take so much of the phone's effort on the Edge+, so that gets a tick from us.

The price has already dropped to a more palatable level as well - not bad for a new phone. 

We disliked

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is still something of a worry - it should be a lot better, given the larger size of the phone.

Getting merely to the end of the day isn't what we expect from phablets these days, and that's not even a given here. Samsung's done something odd here, given there's a bigger battery, no more pixels to drive and no extra power bar a sliver of extra RAM - so why can't the battery last longer?

We can only assume that it's the Lollipop OS taking the reins and causing the phone to connect to servers too often. Being out of Wi-Fi range seems to hurt it most, with 3G / 4G connections sucking down too much power.

The size of the phone will be a hindrance to some, mostly because the larger screen stops your finger from getting across the display easily - but that's a compromise most will be willing to make should they be thinking about buying this phone. It's worth thinking about if you're looking at this compared to the smaller S6 Edge though.


The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a brilliant phone, packed to the rafters with some brilliant bits... and they mostly add up to an awesome whole. I've spoken at great length at how I'm a bit disappointed with the battery here, but that's only because I expected such great things from it. It's perfectly manageable, and is slightly better than the smaller version, and you'll be able to work with it easily. However, it definitely could have been better.

But once that point's cleared up, the rest of the phone is great. The camera is awesome, viewing everything on the large QHD screen (backed up by strong Super AMOLED technology) is a lovely experience and, in short, there's no other phone I'd reach for when doing a number of tasks.

Is it a Note 5 replacement in the territories that are being given this instead of the S-Pen enabled model? Not really... the stylus does add something to the mix, where the S6 Edge+ is a just a big version of a normal phone, which doesn't seem that exciting.If you looked at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and found it to be too small, this is a great phone for you, but the Galaxy S7 Edge gives you the best of both worlds. The S6 Edge+ is good, but not a great standalone phablet.

First reviewed: September 2015