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Dreamworks signs Netflix streaming deal

Dreamworks signs Netflix streaming deal
Dreamworks: no disc required

Dreamworks Animation is ditching pay TV after signing a streaming deal with NetFlix in the US.

The studio, which you may remember from such hits as Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon, has opted for Netflix streaming rather than renewing its current deal with HBO, a premium TV channel in the US.

Dreamworks' outspoken CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg described the partnership as "game-changing", while Netflix's chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, said it signals "power moving back into the hands of content creators.

"When a company like DreamWorks ends a long-running pay TV deal – when a new buyer in the space steps up – that's a really interesting landscape shift."

No no to HBO

The current HBO deal concludes at the end of 2013, although some Dreamworks films will be available online before then.

Netflix, a LoveFilm-alike film renting service, is yet to make its way to the UK's shores and broadband connections, but after its splash last week as one of Facebook's media partners, we don't think it'll be long before it makes the leap across the pond.

It'll have quite a battle on its hands from the Amazon-owned LoveFilm, however, which has deals streaming deals in place with Optimum Releasing (now part of StudioCanal) and The Walt Disney Company.

From NYT and Reuters