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HTC Rezound review

HTC keeps the beat with a little help from Dr. Dre

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HTC Rezound

Owing to its lightning-fast 4G LTE radio, the HTC Rezound can hit amazing data speeds. We tested in several different locations in San Francisco, and were able to hit a high of 15.2 up and 26.7 Mbps down.

HTC Rezound

In all of our tests, the results varied widely depending on a number of factors including signal strength and time of day, but overall the 4G LTE data connection was noticeably quicker than 3G, and the Rezound easily beat a Verizon 3G phone in everyday side-by-side tests like loading webpages, Facebook, and Twitter.

HTC Rezound

Suffice to say that if you live in an area with 4G LTE coverage, the difference can be amazing.