Windows 8 boots 'faster than monitor'

Astonishing boot-up speed on high-spec tower PC

Windows 8

Microsoft has demonstrated the speed of its new Windows 8 operating system with a super-quick boot that loads faster than a PC monitor switches-on.

During the Build unveiling, Windows 8 ecosystem head Michael Angiulo showcased the potential with a high-spec tower PC.

Booting up from scratch, the Windows 8 start screen appeared before the monitor had powered-up.

No more BIOS screens

"It's almost faster than a monitor can turn on, and sometimes faster than the fan starts," said Angiulo, seeming a little surprised himself.

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"There's no more BIOS screens flashing. No weird characters going by. It goes straight to the startup screen," he added.

Microsoft had demonstrated the speedy Windows 8 boot-time last week, clocking it at 8 seconds, but this was considerably quicker.

Microsoft is today unveiling its forthcoming Windows 8 operating system at the Build conference. We've got a full Windows 8 hands-on review posted earlier today on TechRadar.