The current Canon SLR line-up is divided into three categories, aimed at beginners, enthusiasts and professionals.

All current beginner level Canon EOS cameras are incredibly intuitive and easy to use, even for those with absolutely no prior photographic knowledge. Intelligent auto modes and scene modes tailor camera settings to make the most of wide-ranging shooting scenarios, while semi-automatic and manual modes are also present. This helps the cameras to grow with you as you learn new skills.

Best Canon DSLRs: 8 tested

The Canon Rebel T3 (known as the Canon EOS 1100D in the UK), Rebel SL1 and Rebel T5i are all primarily aimed at novices.

Cameras for the enthusiast sector typically feature a greater abundance of direct-access controls for advanced shooting adjustments. These enable expert photographers to change settings quickly and effectively. A secondary info LCD on the top of enthusiasts' cameras also helps to enable a running check on creative shooting settings.

Two of the most attractive choices are the Canon 70D and Canon 7D, which both use the same APS-C format of image sensor as beginners' cameras. Another exotic option is the Canon 6D, which is based on a full-frame image sensor more in common with professional cameras.

Best Canon DSLRs: 8 tested

For pro photographers, as well as for serious amateurs who demand the very best performance and robust build quality, the main choice is between the Canon 5D Mk III and Canon 1D X bodies. There are no APS-C format bodies in Canon's professional-level line-up.

An important consideration when upgrading from APS-C to full-frame bodies is that the latter are incompatible with EF-S lenses, which are designed exclusively for use with APS-C format cameras.

The following pages summarize what you need to know about Canon's current SLR line-up and compares models against each other to help you decide which is the right one for you. You may notice that some cameras have two names. This is because they have different names around the world - for example, the US has the Canon EOS Rebel T3 but it's called the Canon EOS 1100D in the UK and Australia.

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