Quick Command: Write here, Write now

Quick Command on the Samsung GALAXY Note II helps you use the S Pen to get where you want to go

Quick Command on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

The Samsung GALAXY Note II is one of the most versatile and powerful devices around, but it's also one of the most intuitive too. There are myriad features that enable you to get exactly what you want on the go, but one of the most helpful is Quick Command.

This new feature for the Note II allows you to use the S Pen in a new way to get to where you want to go - and sometimes literally!

Click the button on the S Pen itself and draw a line upwards, no matter which application you're in. You'll see the Quick Command box pop up straight away, offering you a fun portal into your Note II.

The premise is simple: you can open almost any app, email your favourite people or navigate where you want to go with a few simple swipes of the S Pen. For instance, if you want to call your friend Jamie, all you'll need to do is draw a hash symbol and write 'Jamie' next to it. The Note II will use its advanced input recognition software to find the name you're looking for and engage the call.

The world's your oyster

Perhaps you want to search the internet for a word or phrase? Again, it's as simple as can be: draw a question mark followed by your search query and you'll get a new window appearing with the information you were searching for. There are many, many options to try with the Note II and Quick Command, allowing you to do the things you need to without jumping from app to app.

For instance, say you're on a call and someone asks you to meet them somewhere. Put them onto speaker, remove the S Pen and activate Quick Command. When they tell you the location you're meeting, draw an exclamation mark followed by the location and you'll see the place they're talking about in a heartbeat, without needing to waste time moving into the app and typing in the location manually.

Or perhaps you've got a friend or work colleague you email regularly; if that's the case, then use the pre-defined '@' symbol to compose an email to that person by just writing their name afterwards. This simple tip can help you save time and effort, which is invaluable to working on the go.

Being able to use Quick Command from wherever you are within the Note II means you'll intuitively know how to access the information of the things and people that matter to you without having to spend time setting up long-winded shortcuts.

quick command

Automatic intuition

Of course you don't always need to know the name of the person or place you want to interact with. Just drawing the relevant symbol of the app you want to use will open up that feature without you having to specify what you're looking for, which is handy for longer phrases or entering new email addresses too.

You can call, text, email and locate the places you want to go without needing to move around the Note II, and on top of that you've got the option to create your own Quick Commands to make the Samsung GALAXY Note II even more intuitive.

Simply tap the icon at the top of the Quick Command menu and you'll see an option to add a Command. From here you can choose nearly any app within your Note II to open, or a function instead. Once you've decided what you want to do, just sketch the symbols, characters or words you want to use to mirror that notion and the Note II will save it for use the next time you fire up Quick Command. So if you want to draw a smiling face to call your partner, or a storm cloud every time you need to email the boss, the Note II will recognise what you want to do and fire up just what you're looking for.

And don't worry about cluttering up your menu with loads of options, or panic about forgetting what application is opened by which symbol. When the Quick Command window is opened, tap the information icon and you can not only see what you need to draw to activate each app, but you can edit the options too, simply by hitting 'Menu' then 'Delete' and hitting the check box of the term you no longer want.

With the Samsung GALAXY Note II and Quick Command you can use this stunning new piece of technology to simplify your life in new ways; be it making working on the go smoother or just simplifying navigation and calling, the world is now at the tip of your S Pen.

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