LG G3 hands Korean giant a timely boost

Flagship handset is doing rather well

LG G3 hands Korean giant a timely boost

Good news everybody! The LG G3 has handed the Korean giant a welcome and long-awaited boost, with sales of the well-received handset finally handing the company a bit of cheer.

With televisions from LG performing fairly well, the news that the company's mobile phone department is, at least at this point, turning the corner is hugely welcome.

14.5 million smartphones were sold by LG in the second quarter of the year - that's a whopping 20 per cent more than the same period last year.

Things done changed

In fact, sales were at the highest levels since right back in 2010, with the low end L series also helping things along.

In the television world, despite revenues staying fairly flat compared to last year the amount of profit shot up hugely because of lower costs and 'better product mix'.

LG believes that sales of Ultra HD televisions will drive more growth in the coming months.

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