HTC Puccini tablet snapped, specs unveiled

US-bound for sure, will UK follow?

HTC Puccini tablet snapped new specs unveiled

Some in-focus pictures have emerged of the long-rumoured 10.1-inch HTC tablet codenamed HTC Puccini.

As well as the pictures, which show a black-bezeled slate with rounded edges and gentle gradient slopes on the top and bottom edges, the anonymous photographer also tipped Engadget some specs.

First up is a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, with 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera, 16GB of storage and that 10.1-inch display is a WXGA affair.

Sweet Honeycomb

Unsurprisingly, it'll launch running Android Honeycomb although there's no word on which exact version we'll be seeing.

The source also revealed that the 10-inch Puccini is currently in testing, with a US launch not far behind – no doubt HTC will want it out in time to mop up the peak Christmas shopping season (September – November).

Such good pictures seem to indicate that the source comes from the network or the manufacturer, so we're pretty happy to trust the leaked info - and cross our fingers tightly for an IFA 2011 launch.


Of course, those in the market for a new tablet but not likely to hang on to see if the HTC Puccini is worth their cash should have a gander at our tablet buyer's guide video below – we'll see you right.

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