Best tablet for 2015: our top 10 ranking

List of tablets to buy from Apple and Google

1. iPad Air 2

best tablet 2014 in the US

The iPad Air was an incredible achievement and yet somehow, remarkably, Apple has topped it with the iPad Air 2.

It's even thinner and lighter than last time around and to a noticeable extent. The screen is better, with more vibrant colors, it's more powerful thanks to its A8X processor and the battery life holds up just as well. It even benefits from Touch ID and Apple Pay and while these features aren't as exciting here as they are on phones they're still nice to have.

In short the iPad Air 2 really is the complete package and while you can always find things to niggle about there are no significant flaws.

In the time since the original iPad Air launched everything else is still struggling to match it and yet Apple has managed to raise the benchmark higher still. Everyone else really has their work cut out if the iPad Air 2 is going to be unseated from the number one spot.

Quick verdict

The iPad Air 2 is a spectacular achievement. Faster, better looking and more feature packed than ever, it's the slate to beat and we suspect it will be for a while yet.

With a starting price of $500 it's moderately expensive, especially since you'll really to want to spend more and get a larger storage size to get the most out of it, but it's worth every penny.