iTunes malware blights Black Friday spend-fest

Watch out for gift certificate scam

iTunes malware blights Black Friday spend fest

Bargain hunters beware – what may seem like a harmless email from iTunes randomly offering you credit could in fact be delivering a nasty strain of malware.

The attached ZIP file allows crims to access your computer, making it child's play for them to nick passwords and other sensitive info you have stored.

Eleven Security reckons it's been deliberately timed to coincide with the Black Friday sales - people will be more likely to be shopping online, making credit card details easy pickings for the perpetrators.

The good news for Mac users is that it looks like only Windows PCs can suffer the infection and the program, named Mal/BredoZp-B, can be defeated with anti-spyware software.


Those familiar with Apple's ways will no doubt be wary of any email promising free iTunes credit – the company doesn't exactly have a precedent in the freebies department.

However, it is offering some discounts for shoppers this Black Friday – you can save £31 on the iPad 2 and £81 off a MacBook or iMac on its UK shopping site.

From Eleven via BBC