YouTube One Channel brings good video looks to all screen sizes

YouTube has launched a brand new channel look to all users, offering a snazzy layout with more of a Google+ vibe.

Users of the new channel now have more options when it comes to promoting their quirky video presence to the masses, with the ability to put up a trailer for non-subscribing visitors to their profile.

One Channel owners can also use Channel Art to jazz up their profile with a nice big picture. Video playlist management is also a lot more succinct, with better organisation options available.


YouTube claims that the new One channel will look wonderful on any screen size, from phones to tablets to PCs to TVs and beyond.

"The main focus of this update is to make your new channel look great on browsers across all screens and devices," said a post on the YouTube creators blog.

The revamped look has existed in beta since early February, but YouTube has now rolled it out in all its glory.

Upgrading a regular channel to a One Channel is easy too – users just head to the One Channel homepage and go from there.