Netflix sunsetting nearly 2,000 titles May 1

No, not 'Dr. No!'

Netflix is preparing for some spring-cleaning as it readies to clear out 1,794 titles from its catalogue as the clock strikes May 1.

Granted most of the titles aren't cinema, but if you had plans on streaming "Goldfinger," "Big Daddy," "The Black Stallion," and "Cruel Intentions," the next few hours are all you have left.

Initial reports pegged the purge on a licensing situation with the Warner Archive Instant service, but Joris Evers, director of global corporate communications at Netflix, sent a statement to Mashable that this is part of the "ebb and flow" of the service as titles, particularly lesser watched ones, come and go.

Five hundred are to be added as the old titles ride off into the sunset, he added, but that may not take the sting away for some Adam Sandler fans.

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