Download of the day: Free Audio Editor

It's an audio editor, and it's free

If you want to do something more ambitious than just record from a microphone, you’ll need an audio editing app - and with a price tag of zero, Free Audio Editor looks pretty attractive.

Once you’ve installed it (and as ever with free software, made sure you aren’t installing anything else you don’t want), it enables you to capture sound from any source including streaming and live inputs. You can edit your recordings and adjust the way they sound, create music CDs, and there’s even an option to take text documents and turn them into audio files for mobile consumption.

It can remove unwanted breath sounds from microphone inputs, remove noise from old cassette recordings and there are plenty of filters to get your audio just so.

Why you need it

Unless you’re a musician, the main jobs for an audio editor are making podcasts, converting files from one format to another or digitising old media formats such as vinyl or even cassettes.

Free Audio Editor can do all of those things, and it’s been designed in such a way that you don’t need to go looking for obscure menu items to find the features you need. Everything is on screen and easy to find.

Download here: Free Audio Editor



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