Disney signs content deal with YouTube

Finally, some good news for the video site

After numerous announcements about music distributors pulling content from YouTube, it's good to hear that the video site is making progress in other areas.

Disney has signed on the dotted line, which means that the website will now be able to host selected TV shows from the Mouse House.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of a catch. The content which YouTube gets is 'short-form' only. This means that YouTube won't actually carry full episodes of Disney shows, just select snippets.

Good for advertising

The deal sees the website pull further away from its original user-generated stance. This is all to do with advertising.

Having premium content on the site makes it more desirable for advertisers, which means Google can start capitalising on the 100 million monthly visitors the site gets and recoup some of the $1.65 billion it spent on buying the website.

While short-form content isn't ideal for the website – it's users would obviously prefer full episodes – Bobby Tulsiani from research firm Foresters thinks that we won't have long to wait for full-length content from Disney, explaining to the LA Times: "It could be the first step of a longer relationship."

Via LA Times


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