OCZ Titanium Alpha VX2

Steel-clad and supercharged

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Our Verdict

Performance just isn't good enough to seriously recommend over the competition


  • Lifetime warranty


  • You'll probably need it

The shiny, colour-changing heatsink is just one reason to like OCZ's Titanium Alpha. The second is a lifetime guarantee for the sticks run at 4-4-4-15 at 1,000MHz - only Corsair's Dominator can challenge these sticks for high speeds and low latencies combined, and these roll in at half the price.

Performance wasn't quite as cutting-edge as we expected, with scores towards the lower end of the theoretical tests, and disappointingly it also failed our overclocking test too.

While the RAM was perfectly workable at standard speeds, we wouldn't vouch for it as part of an all-singing, all-dancing tweaked setup. Time to put that lifetime warranty in a safe place, then.