Logos for AMD Radeon and AMD Ryzen
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

AMD is one of the biggest computer hardware manufacturers in the world, making everything from consumer processors and graphics cards to server and data center components.

Founded in 1969, AMD has long been known for its more affordable hardware offerings compared to its major rivals Nvidia and Intel. AMD is also now a familiar name among PC gamers and computer enthusiasts. The company stepped up its performance game considerably in the last decade, thanks to the leadership of its current CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, who has steered the company since 2014.

Often referred to as “Team Red” by its fans – as opposed to Team Green (Nvidia) and Team Blue (Intel) – AMD has been praised by many for advancing the state of computer processing hardware, and has even branched out into providing specialized, semi-custom accelerated processing units that power gaming consoles like the PS5, Xbox Series X, and other embedded systems.

So whether it's the best processors, best graphics cards, or best laptops around, you’re bound to run into an AMD-powered product somewhere along the way. 

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