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eBay Black Friday deals in Australia: what to expect in 2021

eBay Black Friday deals
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November will be here before you know it, and with it will comes one of the biggest sales of the year – Black Friday. eBay isn’t one to shy away from a big sale, and while we don’t know exactly what its Black Friday deals will be yet, we can guarantee the online retailer will have hefty discounts, with its Plus subscribers likely being treated to some exclusive offers.

If last year’s eBay Black Friday sale is anything to go by, there’ll be plenty of tech on offer for anyone looking for a great bargain, with discounts across laptops, headphones, smartphones, and all the gadgets in between.

The best deals will be available exclusively to eBay Plus subscribers though, so if you’re not a member, consider signing up for a free 30-day trial to take advantage of eBay’s upcoming Black Friday sale.

To get the most out of it, we’d suggest waiting until early November to sign up. That way, by the time Black Friday’s official date of November 26 rolls around, you’ll have plenty of time to shop and save.

There’ll be a mountain of deals to search through on eBay come Black Friday, and it can feel a little bewildering if you don’t know where to start. But rest assured, the TechRadar Australia team has been covering eBay’s Black Friday deals for a few years now, and we’ll be here to help you through it – we’ll hand-pick the best bargains and list them for you here.

When is eBay Australia’s Black Friday sale?

Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US, and this year, it’s on November 26, 2021.

Don’t expect eBay to wait until the official date to kick off its sales though – in the past, eBay has started regular 20% off sales in the lead up to Black Friday, so chances are you’ll be able to grab a bargain earlier in November.

Once those early deals end, we’re expecting eBay to have products deeply discounted for the Black Friday weekend and into Cyber Monday (which is on November 29), with Plus members in particular getting access to exclusive deals.

You’ll likely have more than a week to shop Black Friday sales on eBay, so our advice would be to keep tabs on what’s on offer in the lead up to November 26, but hold on to your money until you’re certain you’ve found the best price.

5 of the best eBay Australia Black Friday deals from last year

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro | AU$249 (save AU$150)

This Plus-exclusive deal from last year saw AU$150 slashed off the price of the ever-popular AirPods Pro. With that said, only 600 units were available, so you need to be quick to snag a set if something similar happens. AirPods are a common item for eBay to discount come Black Friday, so keep an eye out for a repeat on this deal.

Apple AirPods (2019)

Apple AirPods (2019) with charging case | AU$99 (save AU$150)

This ace deal was only available to Plus members, and a limited number of 500 units were available. eBay consistently offers the second-gen Apple AirPods for AU$99 a pop over the Black Friday sale weekend, and we feel certain we’ll see the same again this year. You’ll need to be quick on the clicker to get them though.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + 3-month Nintendo subscription | AU$349 (save AU$211)

Last year, this deal was our number one pick from eBay’s Black Friday sale. The discounted bundle included the Nintendo Switch console, plus Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a three-month Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Only 1,000 units were available over the Black Friday weekend, and they were snapped up quickly. Given that the Nintendo Switch OLED is now available, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the original console steeply discounted again.


LG CX 55-inch OLED | AU$2,660 (save AU$635)

The LG CX OLED was the best OLED TV you could get in 2020, so to see it on sale during Black Friday was quite a treat. The picture quality is stellar on this set, and it has some solid gaming features too. It’s since been upgraded in the form of the LG C1 OLED, so be on the lookout for great deals on the newer panel.

Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub | AU$75.05 (save AU$53.95)

The Google Nest Hub could be snapped up for just AU$75 over last year’s Black Friday weekend, making it significantly cheaper than Amazon’s Echo Show 8. This deal was available at The Good Guys’ official eBay store, which had lots of great deals over the sales period – we’ve got our fingers crossed it’ll be involved in eBay deals again this year.

How to get the best eBay Australia Black Friday deals

Among the millions of items listed on eBay Australia, it can be tricky to find the best discounts at any time of year, let alone during the avalanche of Black Friday deals. But don’t sweat it, we’re here to help. We’ll be tracking the best of eBay’s Black Friday sales on this page, from laptops to TVs, audio gear to gaming, cameras and much more.

One way to save big is by becoming an eBay Plus member. You can sign up for a fee of AU$49 a year, and that will get you access to a number of member-only offers, plus free delivery and returns on millions of eligible products. eBay offers a free 30-day trial of the service for those who haven't tried the service yet, but we’d suggest waiting until at least November 1 before signing up. That way, you’ll be able to snag member-only deals for the entire month.

We’d also recommend shopping around, and checking back on TechRadar for our selection of the best deals. That’s to say, while eBay does often have excellent deals across a huge range of items, some third-party sellers tend to hike their prices before offering a discount, so be wary of sellers you aren’t familiar with.

When in doubt, stick with us. We’ll also be hunting down all the best bargains from a wide range of retailers, including JB Hi-Fi and Amazon, as well as specific products like laptops, cameras and gaming gear. You’ll find them all listed in our main Black Friday deals page and this should help you find the cheapest price on an item.

eBay Australia Black Friday deals: what to expect

There’s so much you can buy (and sell) on eBay that it can be difficult to put your finger on a single trend. However, over the last couple of years we’ve noticed that eBay is one of the best places to pick up a Dyson product – be it one of the company’s top-notch vacuum cleaners or that superb hair dryer.

You’ll typically be able to get better discounts on Dell, Lenovo, HP and Microsoft laptops on eBay than you would on each manufacturer’s own site, and that’s thanks to the 20% off sales that eBay often has. This is because the items are frequently already discounted on eBay, so to get an additional 20% off on top really makes a difference.

Dell and Microsoft have their own official eBay stores, which we’ll be keeping a close eye on over Black Friday, though if you’re after a very specific configuration, you might be better off buying straight from the manufacturers as they’ll definitely be offering their own Black Friday discounts. However, Dell’s eBay store is particularly good for deals on monitors.

Cameras and smartphones are also heavily discounted on eBay during Black Friday, though there’s a catch – some sellers on eBay bump up the RRP of a phone or camera and then put it up for sale. The discount percentage is usually good enough to make the final price worth considering, even with delivery thrown in, but price jacking is one ill practice to watch out for.

Amazon Australia is not a good place to look if you’re after a discounted TV, but eBay most certainly is. That’s because major resellers such as The Good Guys, Bing Lee, Big W and Appliances Online are all found on eBay, and eBay discount codes can sometimes reduce a sale price even further.

How do I get the best Black Friday deals on eBay?

In the lead up to Black Friday, think about what you really want – our advice would be to do your homework and bide your time. In particular, we recommend holding out for one of eBay’s 20% off sales, as there’s genuine value to be had among the discounted items.

TechRadar also gets a preview of eBay’s limited time Plus-exclusive deals ahead of Black Friday, and we’ll be sharing it with you here on this page. When that time comes, if you see a product you want, we’d recommend trying your luck at nabbing the item. They’re snapped up quickly, but as they’re released in batches throughout the day, you’ll have decent chances.

If you know roughly what you want and what you’d like to pay for it, then you’re much more likely to find the best deal for that particular item rather than buying anything with a tempting discount.

Keeping this in mind should help you avoid impulse buys, which are all too easy to do during Black Friday. While it may not be that headline saving, it’s better to get something to suit your specific needs rather than a gadget that’s heavily discounted.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can get a bit overwhelming, with numerous retailers vying for your hard-earned cash at the same time. While this means there will be very competitive deals, it also means that some won’t be as good as they first appear.

So, visit TechRadar to ensure you get the best eBay Black Friday deals. We keep an eye on all of the top retailers’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and highlight the very best savings on the best tech to suit every budget.

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