Many of us sometimes forget that working for long hours at our computers in cluttered spaces can lead to injury and long-term problems. The Fellowes Health V Easy Gliding Palm Support is an ergonomic mousemat that does a number of things to help alleviate pains and risks of RSI.

It offers support for your wrist as you use your mouse, avoiding pressure that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, and the memory foam support feels incredibly comfortable.

The Fellowes Health V Easy Gliding Palm Support takes a little while to get used to, and at first it almost feels like your mouse movements are being restricted. However, after a short while you can really feel the difference, especially if you are beginning to feel the symptoms of repetitive strain injury.

A lot of research and attention has obviously been put into the design of the product, and if you work long hours at a computer and are at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome then this is a superb investment.

After around half an hour of use we found that taking the pressure off our wrists really did make a difference. While it's not ideal for all tasks – gamers might find the restrictions on where you can drag your mouse frustrating – the Fellowes Health V Easy Gliding Palm Support definitely makes a difference.