The best PS4 deals in April 2016

The best Playstation 4 deals available right now

PS4 deals

Sony's PS4 is leading the way so far this gen and there are some fantastic offers hidden around the net. We're here to track down the best of them for you. First up, we'll show you the best prices for standalone consoles. Although, you can often get better value by opting for a console bundle with a game or two which proves cheaper than buying them separately.

Consoles are new unless otherwise stated and are from reliable retailers. If we wouldn't buy it ourselves, we won't list it here. This guide will be regularly updated with the cheapest PS4 deals.

Cheap PS4 deals

The best PS4 console deals this week

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Cheap PS4 deals

The best PS4 console bundles this week

cheap PS4 deals at Walmart

PS4 500GB console | Call of Duty III: Black Ops III | Sony headset | $349 @ Walmart

The inclusion of a Sony 7.1 virtual surround sound headset makes this a scorching deal as the default weedy mono set barely deserves taking out of the box. This beefier model is ideal for enjoying the boomtastic offerings of Black Ops III and co-coordinating with team-mates online.

View this offer: PS4, Black Ops III and Sony headset bundle $349

Cheap PS4 deals

Cheap PS4 deals at GameStop

PS4 500GB console | Call of Duty III: Black Ops III | Destiny: TTK | $350 @ GameStop

Not bothered about the above headset deal? In addition to the latest COD, this offer includes the best version of Destiny -the Taken King Legendary Edition- which includes all of the expansion DLC released so far for Bungie's shooter.

View this offer: PS4, Black Ops III, Destiny : TTK bundle $350

Cheap PS4 deals

Cheap PS4 deals at Target

PS4 500GB console | Star Wars: Battlefront | $350 @ Target

For just $3 more than a standalone console you can relive the classic movies with Star Wars: Battlefront. According to the retailer's image, you'll also get the four retro Star Wars classics titles as PSN downloads.

View this offer: PS4 and Star Wars: Battlefront bundle $350

Cheap PS4 deals

Cheap PS4 deals at Amazon

PS4 500GB Limited Edition Uncharted 4 console bundle | $400 @ Amazon

This hotly anticipated bundle isn't seeing any discounts lately, but there's a good chance this will sell out and end up costing more at a later date. The bundle comes with a copy of Uncharted 4 and a limited edition blue/grey console and controller. The bundle will ship May 10th.

View this offer: Limited Edition PS4 and Uncharted 4 bundle $400

Cheap PS4 deals

Prices are correct at time of publication. Feel free to give us a shout in the comments if you find a tasty deal or something cheaper and we may include it in the article with a 'thank you' note too.