WWDC 2019 as it happened: everything announced during Apple's keynote

10:11 - Whoa, this is big: AppleTV will now support the Xbox One and PS4 DualShock controllers for gaming on the screen. If Apple was trying to make that platform a console, this is a big move.

10:09 - AppleTV is going to get a profile function, so family members can switch between their favorite shows. Not to brag but I totally suggested this a fortnight ago when having a demo - I can only assume the developers worked for 14 days straight to get that feature in from my feedback.

Lyrics also coming to Apple Music on the TV as well.

10:05 - Currently watching a new promo for the new Star Trek show on Apple TV Plus... Tim seems to love that too. He's watched the whole season already - alright, show off.

10:02 - Tim Cook is on stage, welcoming the throngs of developers and fans. He's really jazzed up. It's nice when people are happy, isn't it?

He's talking up the new services from the recent TV event - Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus and Apple News Plus.

10:01 - We're currently watching a black and white video of people using a Mac to do all lovely things that humans like to do when they're tired. A developer's build just failed and he's angry. There's a baby crying. A man is drinking from a milk jug and thinking he should go back to bed, but he gets back on the Mac and he solves it. 

I see what Apple is saying there.

'While the world sleeps, you dream'.*

*OK that was on screen, I didn't make that up.

10:00 - And we're a go! It's all dark. It'sa reallyy hardt o type.

09:57 - The lights have gone down a little early - the screen has changed to a more dynamic look at neon emoji. An Apple hype worker just skipping in front of me clapping.

I imagine Tim Cook is shadow boxing into a mirror at this very second.

09:50 - Proof of said chanting from our very own @mattswider, who will tweeting all kinds of key insights throughout the two hours plus we'll be liveblogging.

09:45 - You know that feeling just before Christmas where you spend all the time wishing, wishing, wishing that the Wi-Fi holds up and Santa comes on stage to tell you all about new software updates? That's pretty much our #mood right now.

They're letting in developers in little batches, and there's a weird tribal thing that's started... they're chanting 'DUB DUB... DEE SEE!' like it's some kind of Haka.

09:15 - Anndddd..... we're in! 45 minutes to go.

09:10 - We're in the second queue now - oh yes, it really is this exciting - and we've got eyes on the doors to the auditorium. We reckon we can get the jump on a couple of these chumps in front, when they open.

08:45 - No, Gareth. Well, not literally anyway. Apple's tagline for this year's WWDC is "Write Code. Blow Minds" hence the selection of head-busting graphics we're seeing plastered around everywhere. 🤯

08:40 - While Apple is expected to announced A LOT today, it's worth remembering it does like to take its time with particular announcements. A volley of launches is no guarantee.

08:30 - Ever thought to yourself, 'do many people attend WWDC?' Well here's your answer. We're still an hour and half from the WWDC 2019 keynote kicking off and the crowds are already building outside the McEnery Convention Center.

08:15 - The passes at WWDC 2019 are understated (at least, the media one is), with a simple silver shade and black text. It did look good next to our breakfast, though.

07:30 - One of the best ways of understanding what we may be in for today is to look back on last year's WWDC keynote. We got plenty of demos, especially around iOS 12 and AR Kits, and Apple hit all its key areas; iPhone, Macs, Watch and TV.

Today's keynote is expected to last two hours, so there's plenty of time for Apple to give us an in-depth look at a host of new platforms.

06:30 - You'll be able to watch the WWDC 2019 keynote as well, and we've made you a handy guide to show you how. 

Make sure you stick with us here as well though, as we'll be cutting through the jargon to bring you our expert analysis on everything Apple has to say.

06:00 - DO YOU WANT MORE WWDC 2019 SPECULATION? Of course you do, as we hit the four-hours-til-keynote milestone.

Well how's this for size? Something else we may get is our first look at TV OS 13, along with more details of Apple's new streaming service, which it announced back in March.

Apple TV Plus will offer exclusive shows, movies and documentaries from acclaimed filmmakers, including JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg and M. Night Shyamalan when it arrives later this year, but more information may be revealed today - especially how it plays nicely with Apple TV hardware.

05:48 - Sunrise in San Jose, and as the sunlight creeps through the crack in the curtains and dances its way across Tim Cook's face, the sleepy CEO slowly opens his eyes.

He picks up his iPhone, peers at the screen for a few seconds as his eyes adjust their focus as his fingers accidentally slips down the side and onto a volume key.

A rye smile creeps across his face as, instead of a large icon appearing in the middle of the screen, a volume indicator pops up in the top-right corner.

"It's ready," he murmurs, before rolling over for another five minutes.

05:00 - We've touched on iOS 13 and Mac OS 10.15, but there's more software goodies in store for us today, with the Apple Watch also in line for some new tricks thanks to the rumored Watch OS 6 update.

One of the more interesting Watch OS 6 rumors we've seen suggests it will get its own App Store, which means you won't have to download the app on your phone as well, as is currently the case.

04:30 - Is it time to say goodbye to iTunes? 

Multiple rumors appear to suggest so, with reports that Apple will replace the iconic (but not always loved) iTunes by rolling its features into Apple Music.

For now it's still just a rumor, but it's one we will be keeping a close eye on, and you should too.

04:00 - Another big announcement we expect to see today is the arrival of Mac OS 10.15, along with a new geographical name (it will be following on from High Sierra and Mojave).

A headline-grabbing feature of Mac OS 10.15 will be its ability to support iOS apps, which will open up a whole range of new options for users on their computer. There are set to be plenty more talking points too.

03:30 - A change we may see in iOS 13 is an update to Apple's volume graphic, which pops up in the middle of your display when you adjust the volume. It takes up a lot of space, and gets in the way if you're playing a game or watching a video. 

A leak less than 24 hours ahead of the WWDC 2019 keynote, however, suggests we'll see a smaller indicator located in the top corner of the screen, which would be much less intrusive.

03:00 - The biggest launch out of WWDC 2019 will likely be iOS 13, as this will be our first look at the next-generation operating system for iPhones, iPads and yes, even the new iPod.

Apple is likely to launch the first beta of iOS 13 today, but it'll likely only be available to developers. A public beta will probably follow in the coming weeks.

While iOS 13 will be available on the iPhone 11 and co. when they launch later this year, today all eyes will be focused on its backwards compatibility.

Last year, iOS 12 launched with the promise it would come to the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 - and these are the devices in line to potentially miss out on the iOS 13 update as Apple moves away from older hardware.

02:00 - An iPhone SE 2 has been long rumored, but for anyone hoping Apple's compact form factor will make a return at WWDC 2019 today, we have some bad news. Sorry.

01:20 - iPad owners with an affinity for numbers, rejoice! A last-minute rumor suggests iOS 13 will, for the first time, bring a native calculator app to the slate. 

01:00 - We'll have two members of the superb TechRadar team coming at you live from the WWDC 2019 keynote, with Gareth Beavis and Matt Swider bringing you everything you need to know about all of Apple's announcements today - but right now they're fast asleep, dreaming of new features, device compatibility and release dates.

June 2: We got into San Jose, California a day early to soak up the pre-WWDC 2019 atmosphere and we stopped by the McEnery Convention Center to see what Apple has in store for us. 

It's fair to say Apple has gone all-out with its branding for this year's event, and it's going big on the slang name for its iconic developer's conference, 'Dub dub'.

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