WWDC 2019 as it happened: everything announced during Apple's keynote

11:00 - Here's something good - Siri will now sound better. With Neural Text to Speech, Siri's whole voice will now be created by software. Rather than small clips of actor's voices, which sound stunted. With iOS 13, things will sound a lot slicker.

We've just heard a demo, and while iOS 12 sounded really stunted, we feel that Apple chose something really hard for Siri to say to show the difference. Siri in iOS 13 sounds normal, to be honest.

10:58 - Goshdarnit, I missed who this was coming on stage - but we're seeing more about how there's more coming from HomeKit and CarPlay.

Let's start: Handoff is coming to HomePod. Bring your iPhone close to hand off music, podcast or phone call. Works in reverse as well.

Live Radio is coming to HomePod – ask Siri to play 100,000 stations from all around the world.

HomePod can now recognize who in your family is talking, and personalize the response. Great with Apple Music – based on your taste and history. Goes beyond music, messages, notes, reminders... and more. (Added suspense).

CarPlay is coming along too - with greater imagery and an easier way to swipe through.

10:55 - iOS back on the headlines from Craig again.

10:52 - The way we look through Photos is changing - with days options, so you can group things by more granular dates, and Live Photos will play automatically to help you feel more 'connected' to your memories.

Months can then be selected and each set of events and moments will be grouped together, with videos and Live Photos again autoplaying.

The Years section will show things like all the WWDC events one after the other - or your child's birthday each year, seeing how it changes every year. I'm not sure how it would know to group these, other than the same thing happening on the same date.

10:50 - Right, some big changes coming to photo editing. You can change the way Potrait photos look in terms of saturation, brilliance and more - and use the same thing on videos as well.

In fact, the iPhone is now powerful enough to allow you to rotate video as well - this is native, as you've been able to do this through apps already.

Justin is on stage to demo these new features

10:48 - Memoji stickers are coming to the keyboard, so your face can be used in different apps to show how you're feeling about such things. Now, onto Camera and Photos.

10:46 - More is coming from Memoji, where your face is created as an Animoji. We have beauty influencers telling us which make up is going to be added to these animated emoji... I'm so old. I don't know who they are. They have 8 million subscribers.

There's a variety of colors, piercings, hairstyles, glasses, hats... and even AIIIIIRPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODS!*

*Werid emphasis that of the influencers on the screen. They screamed it. Airpods on Animoji.

10:45 - HomeKit coming to routers too for additional security. God, this is rapid fire info... and we've got 90 minutes to go. Stick with me guys, stick with me.

10:43 - HomeKit is up next. Security cameras recording your life and being uploaded to the cloud? Apple has created HomeKit Secure Video - it's analysed on the AppleTV, iPad or iPhone and then encrypted and sent to the cloud and that's how you're alerted.

10 days of clips' storage will be saved on your account, and won't take more from your data allowance. Which is good, as we're already paying 99 cents a month that we could use for other frippery.

10:40 - What about logins? Those pesky Facebook or Google logins? Well, now you can Sign in with Apple. It's going to be another button next to FB or Google, allowing you to sign in with your app, logged in with a new account and Face ID to get in, and no personal information needed.

Some apps that want a name or email, and Apple can allow them to request that - and you can hide your email from the developers and a random address is created that forwards to your real address.

The room has gone bonkers for that - and for good reason. That's really, really helpful for privacy - and each app has its own random address, so you can disable them one by one.

10:39 - Once again, privacy is coming to the fore. Being able to share your location to an app just once, and then it has to ask every other time, for instance.

If you do allow it to continually monitor your location in the background - Apple will then tell you what they're doing with reports. Even Bluetooth scanning to locate you is being turned off. Privacy is pretty massive here.

10:38 - There's a Streetview competitor coming to Apple Maps too, with labels on the shops as you scroll past. It looks pretty fluid in both landscape and portrait on the iPhone. 

10:35 - Some of the apps are getting thoroughly re-written. Messages has been retooled to allow you to do things like tag people in reminders from the Messages app itself.

Maps is also getting totally retooled - planes and cars have been travelling 4 million miles to bring a much more rich and detailed Maps app. It does look miles better (arf).

It's coming to the US later this year, presumably because Apple hasn't gone everywhere.

Trying to eradicate the memory of this:

10:34 - In iOS 13, Apple Music will get lyrics that sync alongside too. Just in case you like to sing to your phone.

10:33 - There's swiping coming to typing on the default Apple keyboard - that's something I've been waiting for for so long. It came in Swiftkey years ago and it's so useful.

10:29 - Some of the big changes to iOS: 60% smaller app updates, 30% faster Face ID unlock and apps launching twice as fast. Craig is jazzed too - maybe there's something powerful in the coffee backstage.

Watching a video that's demoing something... oh, it's only dark mode! And we're going to see it live... dear god, someone just screamed.

Everything just looks a bit... darker.

10:26 -Final thing from Kevin: there's a new Pride Watch face coming to the Apple Watch. That's good.

Tim Cook is back on stage - he's prepping us to learn about the new iOS. Who reckons it'll be called iOS 13? We do. WE DO.

As always, he's chatting adoption rate: 85% of iOS customers are on the latest release. iOS 12 is the most-installed ever... is that in terms of percentage or numbers? Because if it's the latter, that makes sense as there are more devices out there.

Another dig at Google: Android 9 only on 10% of devices. This has been going for a while.

Craig Federighi is on stage and he's getting rock star status with the WHOOP WHOOP WHOOPS.

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