WWDC 2019 as it happened: everything announced during Apple's keynote

10:24 - We're seeing a live demo of the new watchOS 6 now - cheering to show the decibel tracking in the new Noise app worked live... so how is that only periodically checking for sound? It was pretty rapid.

The new Watch App Store is being shown - it's card-based, and you can scroll across to see ratings and screen shots, then scroll back to the top to get.

Really feels like the Watch is going to go standalone... could Android users be able to use one of the best wearables out there soon?

10:21 - Cycle tracking is coming to the Watch and the health app if you've not got an Apple wearable - that's something we've been waiting for, and will really help people know something that's crucial information. 

10:19 - Oh, this is good: there's a decibel meter inside the Watch, telling uou if things get too loud and could hurt your hearing health.

Apple is making it clear that it does not record all the time, and does not save anything to the Watch or any Apple account.

10:16 - There's an independent Watch app store coming for the watch - so you can buy apps directly to your device. Is the Watch losing the need for an iPhone?

There will be standalone apps from Colgate, Kalms and a multitude of others. The new watchOS 6 will also bring Activity Trends, with nine metrics to compare the progress over the last 90 days over the last year.

The info will show you how to do better if the trend is going downwards, like how to get a big fitter or some tips on how to stay active.

Oh, and Watch is getting voice memos and a calculator, with a tip splitter on there too.

10:12 - We're now listening about Apple Watch - watchOS is getting an upgrade (shocker) and Kevin Lynch is on stage to talk about it.

When Apple Watch was first launched, Lynch was so nervous talking about the new hardware. Fast forward a few years, he's so much calmer and engaged with what he's saying. 

Oh, he's saying stuff. There are new faces that include solar features, and you'll be getting a notification on the hour - either silently with a tap or birdsong. 'From robins captures on Apple Park... wait, no, RECORDED at Apple Park.'

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