WWDC 2019 as it happened: everything announced during Apple's keynote

11:14 - Gestures being shown off now, single to copy, double to cut, three to paste it back in, and to undo your gestures you can three-finger swipe to the left. They'll work in any application that supports cut, copy, paste, undo and redo. So no more shaking your iPad dangerously.

The Apple Pencil pane at the bottom has been rubbish for a long time, too hard to use - it looks a lot slicker than it used to. But can a four year old use it? That will be the test.

That's something that happened to me recently, when doing some drawing with a child. Not because that's my metric for everything.

11:12 - Apple Pencil is getting latency of 9ms - that will make it feel more like a pen to most people. There's a PencilKit API coming too, so other apps can use it, and the Pencil can be used to mark more things by dragging up from the side of the screen.

Toby Patterson from the iPad experience team is coming on to demo this.

11:11 - You can grab the scroll indicator anywhere when editing text, use multi-finger touches to undo text creation and making everything a little easier to use.

What about mouse support though?

11:10 - Safari on the iPad is getting a desktop browser, rather than being stuck on the mobile version. That means you can manage downloads from within it, see more information from each web page and more keyboard shortcuts.

Apple's launch of iPadOS is to make it more of a Windows competitor... could mouse support land?

11:07 - Column view is coming in the File System - I'm wondering if something has happened to Craig's presentation. It juddered when iPadOS was showing, and Federighi keeps pausing then getting back to his flow.

Either way, he's still talking. And this is bigger: you can now plug in thumb drives and SD Cards which show in the Files app. You'll need a dongle for that, unless it's USB-C... assume this will work on Lightning, but the iPad Pro, with the USB-C connector is being shown on stage.

Apple is also allowing direct file management from cameras in the system as well.

11:04 - The first thing: you can pin widgets to your home screen without needing to slide away. Slideover is getting improved, and with a slide up, you can get all your apps - much like you can on the iPhone already.

Split view is getting upgraded: two apps side by side will be more powerful. You can have two Word documents next to one another - it's good to be able to have the same app side by side.

11:02 - Loads more is coming from iOS 13 - we'll round them up properly in our iOS 13 hub - but we're now focused on iPad. Federighi admitted that the iPad's base on iOS 13 was splitting too far from the iPhone, so we're now seeing something new: iPadOS. Yay, another thing to delve into...

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