WWDC 2019 as it happened: everything announced during Apple's keynote

11:39 - Oooh, portrait mode is coming with the new mount. And for the pro that needs to mount on the go, there's a new quick-release-and-attach adjustment to make it work easily.

The base mode of the Mac Pro is an 8 core Xeon, 32GB memory and that will start at $5,999, and will be available this FAll, and the Mac Pro can be rack mounted too.

The Pro Display base version will cost $4,999, the connector $199 and the pro base mount a dizzying $999. That got a gasp in the room... it's a MOUNT.

11:36 - Now talking HDR, something that's big news in the industry these days. The Mac Pro monitor has a mass of blue LEDs and each is calibrated, and there's a modulator, custom lenses and reflectors to make sure that the picture quality is as accurate as possible.

The display can show 1000 nits of full screen brightness indefinitely thanks to the rear the the monitor acting as a heat sink. That explains why it has that weird design.

Apple is calling this Extreme Dynamic Range, or XDR, and that's why Apple is calling this the 'Pro Display XDR'.

You can connect up to 6 displays to once to the Mac Pro, with these XDR playback, allowing 120 million pixels.

11:33 - Oh, the monitor seems to be different. Talking about the new monitor - something that will work for all designers, to offer something that's as good as a $43,000 professional monitor.

It's a 32-inch display, as a 6K Retina display. Making it 40% larger than the iMac 5K display. It's go P3 wide color for colro accuracy, and a wider viewing angle, with an anti-reflective coating.

You just know Apple is going to say 'and looooook how cheap it is!'.

11:31 - Currently seeing how powerful the Mac Pro can be when rendering a music score, with SO MANY tracks being able to run together. We're putting this into Final Cut Pro now (well, we is a loose term... I'm watching it) and it's rendering the score and the 8K stream at once.

11:28 - The Maxon Redshift render engine is being brought along too, and Otoy are bringing a version of Octane for the new Mac Pro. Loads of developers are apparently getting on board - including Pixar, Adobe and Unreal engine.

11:27 - There's the option to put this on wheels - and that got the biggest cheer so far. [Insert laughing and crying emoji].

11:25 - For the video editing, there's the new Afterburner card, which can process 6 billion pixels per second. That is many.

This works for ProRes and ProRes RAW, and with this card it can playback three streams of 8K, or 12 streams of 4K ProRes footage. 

This will need so much power... and here we go on that. 1.4KW power supply. WHAT? WATT? (Geddit).

There's a major fan in there, but Apple says that it will be nice and quiet - no louder than the last Mac Pro.

11:22 - And more: there are two 10Gbps ethernet ports. Good if you want it, with more Thunderbolt ports on top.

There's another module to slot on, the MPX module (Mac Pro expansion module), with a fanless design. You can add in the Radeon Pro Vega II card in the MPX, and you can upgrade it further too if you're so inclined.

They're connected by the Infinity Fabric Link, if you're interested in that.

You can also add TWO of these modules, so  that's 56 teraflops in one work station.

11:21 - Let's start with the processor, there's a new Intel Xeon processor, with up to 28 cores. And it's getting 300W of power and a large heat sink to let it run fully all the time.

There are 6 channels of memory, that allow up to 1.5TB of system memory. These stats are coming too fast to type...

There's PCI expansion coming back to the Mac. The new Mac Pro has 8 PCI slots, four double wide, and three single length slots.

11:20 - It's the most powerful Mac ever created... what are the odds? Oh man, I missed who this was on stage again. I'm sorry dude, whoever you are.

11:18 - Watching a video that's showing us something new in the world of Mac. Come on, we know it's going to be the Mac Pro. Show us the Mac Pro.

Aaaaaand, there it is. The Mac Pro. AND IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A GARBAGE CAN.

11:17 - Tim is back on stage. Still got an hour to go - think we're going to go big on Mac. Oh, and right on cue, Tim says 'Right, let's turn to Mac!'.

Should I use my predictive powers for good or evil?

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