Prime Day: how to get the best mattress deal (it might not be at Amazon)

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It's Prime Day 2.0 today and tomorrow (if you'd missed the memo, we don't blame you). If you were wondering about picking up a new mattress today, here's what you need to know. I review mattresses for a living, and I've been monitoring prices for several years now, so I know what makes a good mattress, and a good mattress deal. 

While there are lots of decent price drops on tech and the like in the Prime Day sale, it's not such a huge opportunity when it comes to cheap beds. There are two reasons for that: 1. the offers on mattresses are limited and 2. not many of the best mattresses are even sold through Amazon. Don't despair though, it turns out today is still a pretty good day for a bed bargain – there are a handful of decent offers at Amazon itself (namely this 45% off Simba deal), as well as some particularly strong mattress sales to shop direct from the brands themselves (55% off at Brook + Wilde or 50% off at Eve are the standouts).

If the price is the same, we'd always recommend shopping on the brand's own site rather than somewhere third party like Amazon, purely for the purposes of making aftercare – trials, warranties and the like – more straightforward. 

Read on for our pick of the top offers to shop today, in the Prime mattress sale or elsewhere. If you can't see anything that takes your fancy, bear in mind that the Black Friday mattress deals are likely to start going live in mid-November, so you could hang on for those. If you're a Prime subscriber, head to our Prime Day hub or Prime Day live blog for more offers on things that aren't snooze-related. 

These are the actually good Prime mattress deals...

Simba Hybrid Original: double

Simba Hybrid Original: double £999 £549.45 at Amazon
Head to Amazon for the best price of the Simba Original Hybrid. There's 45% off all sizes except the Single, while there's only 40% off at Simba. This is one of the more affordable, simpler options in the hybrid lineup (the Hybrid Essential is even cheaper, and also has 45% off at Amazon). It still features the same soothing, heat-dispelling foam as you'll find in the pricier options, though, and a layer of springs for a bit of bounce. 


Simba Hybrid Luxe: double was £2,149 £1,181.95 at Amazon
The Original above only has four layers – the Luxe takes things up several notches with 10. Those include a bamboo-infused wool layer near the top for cool cushioning, lots of extra springs, and a support layer to bolster the edges. It's not cheap, but it is supremely comfortable and this about the best price you'll find it. If you'd rather buy direct, there's 40% off at Simba

And these are the genuinely good offers from around the web that you should consider too (you don't need to sign up for Prime for these, either). 

Brook + Wilde Lux: double

Brook + Wilde Lux: double £899 £404.55 with code SAVE55 at Brook + Wilde
Outstanding value –
British bed brand Brook + Wilde is a bit of a hidden gem in the mattress world. This writer has tested a few of its mattresses and been hugely impressed with all of them. The Lux feels high quality, offers a perfect blend of support and softness (and you can pick your preferred firmness level too), and won't trap body heat either. It's the cheapest of the range, and with this discount a double drops to £404.55, which is absurdly cheap for what you're getting. If you have a bit more to spend, consider the slightly fancier Elite (read about it in our Brook + Wilde Elite review) which has a similar sleep feel but adds a removable cover and an extra layer of springs.

Eve Premium Hybrid: double

Eve Premium Hybrid: double £1,076 £538 at Eve
Great for back sleepers -
If you prefer a firmer bed, the Eve Premium Hybrid should suit you down to a tee. Back and front sleepers in particular will benefit from the extra support of the sleep surface, yet it still feels well made and luxurious. It's firmer than the 'firm' version of the Brook + Wilde above, slightly pricier, and there's no single option. The Eve also shines when it comes to temperature regulation (we'd say it's marginally better than the Brook + Wilde on that front). 

Emma Original Mattress: double

Emma Original Mattress: double £759 £379.50 at Emma
Top memory foam option - If you like the gentle hug of memory foam, try the Emma Original. The softer sleep feel makes it ideal for side sleepers looking for some cushioning around their hips and shoulders. In our Emma Mattress review, we flagged that it can sleep slightly warm, so if you struggle with overheating at night, check out the hybrids above and below – the springs allow air to flow through the mattress. You'll get a 200-night trial and 10-year guarantee too. 

Simba Hybrid Pro: double

Simba Hybrid Pro: double £1,649 £659.60 + free mattress protector at Simba
Versatile hybrid
- While the Essential and Luxe are cheapest at Amazon today, for our favourite pick – the Simba Hybrid Pro – there's 40% off at both Amazon and Simba direct, so we'd recommend shopping at the brand itself. Again, this mattress uses Simba's own foam, which gently supports the body without enveloping you as you sleep, and does a great job of not trapping body heat too (as we flag in our Simba Hybrid Pro review). The sleep feel is medium-firm. It's slightly pricier than the Brook + Wilde, and to be honest it's a comparable mattress, although the Simba will come much quicker (a few days rather than a few weeks) and you do also get a mattress protector with the Simba, which might make it better value if you were going to buy one separately. Simba also offers a 200-night trial, plus a 10-year guarantee. 

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