Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review 2023

The Brook + Wilde Elite mattress offers customisable options for a perfect night’s sleep

Brook + wilde elite mattress on a bed frame
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The Brook + Wilde Elite mattress is one of the best beds we’ve tested. It's the cheapest B+W mattress with a choice of firmness levels, and with three options to choose from you can easily customise the Elite to your preferred sleeping style. We slept on the Firm bed, which kept us well-aligned and even alleviated nagging aches and pains. We also found that it sleeps cool and has minimal motion transfer so you won't be disturbed by a fidgety partner. It's hard to find fault here – but we wish it came in more than four sizes. Still, this competitively-priced luxury hybrid is well worth the investment and 4-week wait time, especially with free delivery and set-up included.


  • +

    Comes in three firmness levels

  • +

    Excellent temperature regulation

  • +

    Maintains proper alignment

  • +

    Free delivery and set-up


  • -

    No EU sizing options

  • -

    Not for sleepers over 18 stone

  • -

    Up to 4 weeks for delivery

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  • Three firmness levels so you can tailor your level of support
  • Excellent temperature regulation and motion isolation
  • Only available in a limited range of sizes

Brook + Wilde’s small range of luxury mattresses are some of the most coveted on the market and its Elite model is one of the best mattresses we’ve slept on. You don’t just need to take our word for it – the Elite has won a host of awards. The brand manufactures all its mattresses in the UK, concentrating on beds that offer superb support and pressure relief throughout the night. 

Most of Brook + Wilde’s mattresses come in three firmness ratings, and the Elite is the cheapest option to give you that choice. The Soft is rated 3/10 on the firmness scale and is ideal for side sleepers or those with a smaller build or weight. The Medium is rated 5/10 and best for back, side and combination sleepers. Finally, the Firm is rated 7/10 and provides all the support that front sleepers need. It’s also an excellent choice for those who suffer from back problems and heavier weight sleepers.  

For four weeks, we slept on the Brook + Wilde Elite Firm mattress. Our main testers were of lighter and average weight, but one of them suffers from back problems and found that sleeping on the Elite Firm showed a marked improvement of these problems and a reduction in pain levels. But with the three different firmness, it’s easy to find a mattress here that will suit your own sleeping style and position.

Brook + Wilde Elite at a glance

Best for: all sleep styles, couples, hot sleepers, back pain
Type: luxury hybrid
Firmness: soft (3/10), medium (5/10), firm (7/10)
Materials: foam, springs
Depth: 28cm
Weight: 27kg to 49kg
Sizes: single, double, king, super king

The Brook + Wilde Elite also excels in other key performance categories. Our testers felt secure whilst sitting on the edge of the bed and even our warmest sleepers were comfortably cool when resting on this mattress. The Elite's blend of high-quality foam and pocket springs makes it so that couples can toss and turn without disrupting their partner.

We've hardly found fault with the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress, although we wish it did come in a broader range of sizes. There are only four options, and no EU sizes whatsoever. It's also not recommended for sleepers weighing over 18 stone, even on the highest firmest level. Larger individuals will want to check out our Simba Hybrid pro review, as we found it provides ample support for most body types.

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress

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Price-wise, the Brook + Wilde Elite sits firmly in the luxury hybrid bracket, with an RRP of £1299 for a double and £999 for a single. That's comparable to the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid and Simba Hybrid Pro. But you’ll often find fantastic offers on Brook + Wilde's website and discounts up to 55% off during mattress sales

If you're unsure of which firmness to buy, the Elite mattress comes with a 200-night trial period, so it's possible to try out all three types within that timeframe (providing you’ve slept on the mattress for at least 30 days). There’s also a 10-year warranty included. Free setup of the mattress is standard and you can also choose to have your old mattress picked up and disposed of at the same time. Just know that delivery will take up to four weeks, so plan accordingly.

Brook + Wilde puts a lot of work into sustainability as well, with all parts from old mattresses recycled, biodegradable packaging and sustainable timber. It supports a third-party non-profit organisation that, amongst other things, plants a tree each time a mattress is sold.

See the Brook + Wilde Elite from £999 at Brook + Wilde

See the Brook + Wilde Elite from £999 at Brook + Wilde
The Brook + Wilde Elite is a fantastic choice for those who aren’t quite sure how firm they want their mattress. With three choices of firmness ratings, customers can switch between them during the 200-night trial period to make sure they’ve got the right one. It’s not one of the cheapest mattresses on the market, but we think it’s competitively priced for the high quality of the materials and the comfy night’s sleep it will give you. Plus you’ll often find generous offers and discounts on the website.

Brook + Wilde Elite Mattress: Materials

Brook + Wilde The Elite Mattress layer

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

The Elite mattress is made up of eight layers and is a generous 28cm deep. The breathable top cover has a 4-way stretch and can be removed for washing. Underneath, you’ll find a memory foam protector that prevents friction between the foam and the top cover so both layers move freely and the foam is more receptive. 

Next up is a thermo-regulating top layer with open cell foam that does an excellent job of keeping sleepers cool along with easing stress on pressure points. Below that is Brook + Wilde’s unique ‘Wave Technology’ foam layer, which adds differing levels of support along its surface to aid spinal alignment. All the foams used in Brook + Wilde mattresses are CertiPUR-certified toxin free.

Below the top foam layers is a double layer of springs to give the mattress bounce and push back, making it easy to change positions during the night. The first layer of 1000 pocket springs is followed by another layer of 2000 springs. 

The Elite is completed by a support base designed to add structure to the mattress and support to the bottom layer of larger pocket springs, and a non-slip base that ensures your mattress stays where it’s put. 

Brook + Wilde Elite Mattress: price and deals

  • Second cheapest mattress in Brook + Wilde’s line-up
  • Competitively priced with similar luxury hybrids
  • Discounts include up to 55% off plus free gifts (such as an iPad)

The Brook + Wilde Elite mattress is very much a luxury hybrid, with prices comparable with the list price of its closest rivals. At £1,299 for a double, it's cheaper than the RRP of both the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid at £1,399 for a double, and the Simba Hybrid Pro and Nectar Premier Hybrid mattress, which both retail at £1,499 for a double. 

Here's the official pricing for all four sizes of the Brook + Wilde Elite Mattress:

  • Single: £999
  • Double: £1299
  • King: £1399
  • Super King: £1499

However, there are ways to save on the Elite mattress. We've seen as much as 55% off plus generous free gifts that include an iPad in the past. Right now, code 'SAVE55' knocks 55% off, dropping a single Elite mattress to £449.55 and a double to £584.55. That beats DreamCloud's current 46% off sale, which yields a price of £769.45 for a double. Meanwhile, the current Simba mattress sale takes 45% off the Simba Hybrid Pro, which is now £824.45 for a double, while in the Nectar mattress sale the Nectar Premier Hybrid is currently 50% off and just £750 for a double.

Brook + Wilde regularly offers other deals, including a free iPad with your purchase or a free set of bedding, but you can only use one voucher at a time so choose wisely when you buy. Keep an eye on our guide to the best mattress sales and deals to find out when it's the best time to treat yourself to a new Brook + Wilde mattress.

Brook + Wilde Elite Mattress: firmness and comfort

  • Three firmness ratings, designed to suit all sleepers
  • The Firm mattress helped with our alignment and back pain
  • Not recommended for individual sleepers above 18 stone

The Brook + Wilde Elite mattress is the cheapest B+W option to come in three firmness levels: Soft (3/10), Medium (5/10) and Firm (7/10). This is something neither DreamCloud nor Simba offer with their luxury hybrids, which each come in one firmness level. Thus, the Elite is a good choice for sleepers who want to customise their bed to suit their sleep style and body type.

We tested a Brook + Wilde Elite Firm mattress to see if it would help one of our main testers with their back pain. Said tester reported that the mattress was ‘perfect’ as they were no longer waking up with aches and pains. In fact, both of our main testers noticed that they were springing out of bed far more easily after sleeping on the Elite, with a marked improvement in our main tester's back pain overall.

The Firm mattress is also ideal for stomach sleepers, as it keeps the body aligned and prevents a sleeper’s head from sinking too far into the mattress. It’s also good for heavier sleepers, although it should be noted that Brook + Wilde don’t recommend the mattress for an individual sleeper of above 18 stone (although you can have a couple weighing up to 18 stone each on the same mattress). We believe heavier sleepers of above 18 stone wouldn’t find even the firm mattress supportive enough and may feel slightly bogged down in the memory foam.

Meanwhile, for dedicated back sleepers and combination sleepers without any particular pain, we’d recommend the Medium firmness, which will provide gentle cushioning to support and contour the body. Dedicated side sleepers and those who enjoy a ‘hug’ from their mattress will want to choose the Soft firmness, as it will envelop the body more – similar to the best memory foam mattresses.  

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress

(Image credit: Jo Plumridge)

Brook + Wilde Elite Mattress: performance

  • Ample pressure relief, even with the firmest level
  • Minimal motion transfer, so it's a great choice for couples
  • Excellent edge support yields a wider sleeping surface

We tested the Brook + Wilde Elite Firm mattress in a standard double for around four weeks before writing our review. We tested it in all major areas of performance, rating it on pressure relief, motion isolation, edge support, and cooling. We've also evaluated ease of setup and durability. Here's what we discovered...


Score: 5 out of 5

Brook + Wilde offers a ‘white glove’ service as standard with delivery, meaning that it will be taken to a room of your choice, unboxed and even placed on the bed for you. Other brands usually leave it to the consumer to set up the bed themselves, and if 'white glove' service is offered it typically costs extra.

Once on the bed, the mattress is easy to move around by one person, although you don’t actually need to rotate it at all. If you do want to move it around though, Brook + Wilde has sensibly included handles on the mattress. The Elite weighs between 27kg for a single and up to 49kg for a super king – so depending on which size you get, you may want to ask someone to help move it. 

The delivery drivers will dispose of the box for you but it’s worth noting that every single bit of the packaging is recyclable and kept to a minimum. You can also arrange to have your old mattress picked up and taken for recycling at the same time. 

Brook + Wilde recommends leaving the mattress for around four hours before sleeping on it but do be aware that it can take up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully inflate. You can use any base for the Elite but do remember that this is a deep mattress at 28cm, so make sure your base can cope with this. 


Score: 4.5 out of 5

The Brook + Wilde Elite did, like all mattresses containing memory foam, have a slight smell when it was first unwrapped. But this smell had completely dissipated within an hour (and with the help of an open window). We were impressed with this as usually a smell will linger at least whilst the mattress initially inflates (over around four hours) and sometimes for days longer. 

It's also worth noting that these smells come from new foams being vacuum-packed and do not come from any chemicals. The Elite mattress is made from CertiPUR-approved foams that are made without mercury, lead and other heavy metals, carcinogenic chemicals and phthalates. 

Pressure relief

Score: 5 out of 5

As we know, the Elite mattress comes in three different firmness options:  Soft, Medium and Firm. We tested the Elite Firm mattress, which certainly lived up to its description. When we placed our 20kg weight on the centre perimeter, the mattress only sank just over 2 and a half inches. For comparison, when we tested the entry-level Brook + Wilde Lux Medium mattress for our sister site Tom's Guide, we saw sinkage of around 8 inches in the middle of the bed. (The Lux also has five layers, versus the Elite's 8-layer construction.)

Despite the added firmness, our testers reported a marked improvement in their aches and pains when sleeping on their back or front, and a reduction in back pain overall. The foam does an excellent job of hugging the body and cushioning pressure points. Side sleepers may find the firm mattress too solid, although our testers noted that the foam had started to soften and contour around them when they lay on their side. 

The Brook + Wilde Elite mattress is an excellent choice for neutral spine alignment and the choice of three different firmness options means you can always find the right mattress to suit the way you sleep.

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress

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Motion transfer

Score: 4.5 out of 5

The Brook + Wilde Elite Firm mattress is an excellent choice for those sharing a bed with a restless sleeper as it does an exceptional job of isolating motion. Considering that the bed has ‘bounce’ from the double layer of springs, it’s amazing how well the memory foam and ‘Wave Technology’ keeps motion transfer pretty almost non-existent. 

This was backed up by the series of drop tests we conducted by placing an empty wine glass on the bed and dropping a 6kg weight on the mattress at various intervals from the glass. When we dropped the weight from 10 and 25 inches away, the empty glass didn't wobble at all. However, the glass did gently topple over when the weight was dropped from 5 inches away so you may feel a slight disturbance at close range but perhaps not enough to totally derail your sleep.

Regardless, we found the results of our drop test particularly impressive as we were testing the Firm rated mattress, meaning the foam did not have as much sinkage to absorb the motion. Thus, we imagine the Soft and Medium levels will transfer less motion, especially from close-range. 

Based on our findings, the Elite mattress is an excellent choice for those who don’t want to be disturbed by their partner moving about at night. 

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress

(Image credit: Jo Plumridge)

Temperature regulation 

Score: 5 out of 5

We tested the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress with a summer duvet (tog rating 4.5) and a thick fake fur throw for our more reptilian tester. Regardless of the bedding we used, our testers felt comfortable sleeping on this mattress. One of our testers has never found a mattress that didn’t make them wake up in a muck sweat at some point during the night but found that the Elite kept them cool and dry throughout.

The excellent temperature regulation of the Elite mattress is down to the way the mattress promotes airflow through its layers with a breathable top cover, cooling memory foam and well spaced-out pocket springs There's also a brilliant thermo-regulating top layer, with open cell foam that does an exceptional job of keeping sleepers cool. Considering the mattress contains memory foam, which is notorious for trapping body heat, we were amazed by how good a job it did at keeping us cool.

Better yet, the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress can be used with an electric blanket. That's good news for cold sleepers who need added warmth without the risk of overheating themselves.

Brook + Wilde Elite mattress

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Edge support

Score: 5 out of 5

The excellent edge support was one of the first things our testers noticed about the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress. Even after only the initial four hours of recommended inflation of the mattress, our testers felt secure sitting on the edge of the bed without fear of falling off.

Furthermore, once it was properly settled, we tested the edge support of the Elite Firm mattress using a 20kg weight, noting that it sank a little less at the edges than in the middle of the bed (just over 2 inches at the edge to 2.7 inches in the middle). In all, that's exceptional edge support. Note that this may differ when it comes to the other softer mattresses in this line.

Our test results here are promising for individuals with mobility issues who need to easily get in and out of bed when moving from a sleeping position. It also bodes well for anyone who likes to sit on the edge of the bed whilst getting dressed and people who are prone to stretching out and sleeping right against the edge.


Score: 5 out of 5

Obviously, it's difficult for us to discern the longevity of our Brook + Wilde Elite mattress after only sleeping on it for a month. However, the high quality of the materials used, combined with the springiness of the foam suggest that this mattress will easily last through its allotted lifespan without issues.

When the mattress had a hand pressed on it and removed, the foam sprang back into place almost instantaneously. Even the 20kg weight only left a depression for a matter of seconds. This is an excellent sign of potential longevity. Among user reviews, there are some customers who claim to have owned their Brook + Wilde Elite mattress for at least a year, with no obvious signs of wear and tear.

It also helps that the mattress cover can be removed and washed to help keep the mattress fresh and clean. However, we would still recommend investing in a mattress protector, as this will preserve your mattress even further. It'll also help to know how long a mattress lasts in general; hybrids usually last up to 10 years.

Brook + Wilde Elite Mattress: customer reviews

At the time of this writing (September 2022), there are over 250 reviews on Trustpilot exclusively for the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress. Roughly 88% of those reviews are rated a perfect five stars. Needless to say, the Elite mattress is hugely popular and well-received by customers.

Positive feedback for the Brook + Wilde Elite remarks how comfortable the mattress is, and there are frequent accounts on how well the Elite helps with back pain. Other praised the complimentary 'white glove' delivery service, as well as Brook + Wilde's customer service team, which many users claim is timely and helpful. (The company has a cumulative user rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.)

As with all mattresses, there were some complaints from customers. These mainly revolved around slow delivery and return times, although many of these accounts are dated from the height of the pandemic. Some people also had problems with the feel of the mattress, regardless of firmness level. But as we stress, firmness and comfort are subjective.

Should you buy the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress?

We think the Brook + Wilde Elite mattress is one of the best we’ve ever tested, and when it's on sale it's an absolute screaming value. With three different firmness ratings available, the Elite gives you options to tweak your mattress to suit your own personal sleeping style and preferences. However you sleep, you should be able to find an Elite mattress to suit you. 

The Elite isn’t suitable for sleepers over 18 stone, and we do think that heavyweight sleepers may find even the Elite Firm mattress too soft. (In that case we'd recommend the Simba Hybrid Pro, which has a double layer of Aerocoil sprints for more enforced body support.) Otherwise, the Elite is great for all sleeping positions –  and we can attest that the Firm model does a fantastic job of easing aches and pains. 

The Brook + Wilde Elite also excels in other key areas of performance – temperature regulation, edge support and motion isolation. So if you tend to overheat at night, like to stretch as wide as possible or don't want to be disturbed by your partner's movements, you're sure to be satisfied with this mattress. 

One thing to note is that Brook + Wilde is currently advising a four-week wait for a mattress, so don’t order this if you need something to sleep on ASAP. But good things are worth the wait, and that includes the Elite mattress, a top-tier bed that'll provide you with quality sleep night after night.

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