Black Friday Hulu deals 2023: our predictions for next year

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Hulu truly delivers when it comes to its Black Friday deals. The streaming service to deliver every year, we've seen it offer new and eligible returning customers a rate of as little as 99cents a month, and we expect to see similarly competitive promotions in the 2023 sale with its Black Friday Hulu deals.

With Black Friday falling on November 24 in 2023, we expect to see the Black Friday streaming deals begin to drop in the couple of weeks leading up to the official date. Hulu itself will likely launch just days before, with the past two years seeing it initially release its offer via Good Morning America viewers before making any discount widely available to snatch up.

It's also worth noting Hulu often offers bonus add-on deals and savings that it doesn't so widely publicise. In 2022, you could actually bundle together Hulu at its discounted $1.99 a month price with Disney Plus at an equally ridiculously low rate, coming together at a rate of under $5 a month for both.

Slashing its prices by 75% last year, Hulu thus far has only introduced its great value deal on its Hulu With-Ads plan (usually costing $7.99 a month). While it would be interesting to see it reduce a Black Friday Hulu deal on its other plans, it makes sense the platform would continue to reduce its most affordable rate come next year.

One of the few opportunities to save on a Hulu plans and prices, read on for our predictions on what to expect from 2023's best streaming deals come Black Friday, as well as what we've seen in the past.

Black Friday Hulu deals FAQ

When is Black Friday?

With US Thanksgiving traditionally taking place on the fourth Thursday in November every year, Black Friday follows the day after and Cyber Monday lands after the weekend. In 2023, Black Friday will fall on November 24 with Cyber Monday happening on November 27.

What Black Friday Hulu deals happened last year?

Hulu has consistently delivered excellent Black Friday promotions for the last few years. In 2022, new and eligible returning customers could lock in 12 months of Hulu's With-Ads plan for just $1.99 a month - that's a 75% saving. A similar deal appeared the year prior but even cheaper, costing new sign-ups just 99cents a month.

It also offered some further sneaky offers if you looked hard enough after you'd bagged a subscription. 

Allowing you to select premium add-ons to your subscription such as HBO Max and Showtime. This past Black Friday saw you able to tag Disney Plus onto your plan for an additional $2.99 a month. Combined with the already ridiculously cheap $1.99 a month Hulu price, you could lock in both for under $5 a month for 12 months. Considering the new Disney Plus bundle costs $9.99 a month for the Duo plan, this is fantastic value for money and something to look out for next year.

What Black Friday Hulu deals do we expect to see in 2023?

We predict Black Friday Hulu deals to once again truly deliver with the opportunity to subscribe to the streaming service for the small cost of just $1.99 a month across a year. Hulu has consistently delivered deals like this for the last few years, and we don't foresee it losing steam anytime soon.

The offer will likely drop in 2023 in the week leading up to Black Friday on November 24 and run into the weekend and Cyber Monday on November 27.

We'll also be keen to see if Hulu offers any of its secret Black Friday deals, with Disney Plus discounted as an add-on in last year's sale, allowing you to subscribe to both for under $5 a month.

Last year's Black Friday Hulu deals

The best way to get an indication of what to expect from 2023's Black Friday Hulu deals is seeing what happened last year below.


Hulu: Pay $1.99 a month for a whole year
Hulu never disappoints when it comes to its Cyber Monday streaming deal offering. New and eligible returning customers can sign up to its With-Ads plan (usually costing $7.99 a month) and pay just $1.99 a month for their first year. With a whole host of critically acclaimed TV shows and movies, this is entertainment not to be missed.

Want to add Disney Plus to your Hulu subscription and pay under $5 for both? 

Subscribe to Hulu for $1.99 a month and then head to Account and Manage Add-ons.

From here you'll see the option to add the No Ads Disney Plus plan to your subscription for just $2.99 a month extra. That works out as $4.98 total for both services for the next 12 months.

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