AMD's fallen upon hard times lately: this sub-£70 chip went for £120 just three short months ago, for a start.

The better news is that, with Core 2's high-end action largely revolving around quad core, the 4600+ hasn't slipped in the rankings any. It's still a reasonably fair fight when in the ring against the E6320 and E6420, overclocking aside.

If it suddenly rained AM2 motherboards from the skies or you're a crazy AMD fanboy who never gave up the dream, picking up one of these isn't the worst idea in the world.

The poor 4600+ looks a right mook against the £10 dearer E4300 though, which casually shames everything it can do once you drop that astonishing overclock onto it. Still a strong chip, but despite rock-bottom prices loses the value war.