With E3 2012 just next week, Sony announced that PlayStation Vita users will be able to enjoy their favorite online videos on the gaming handset via a new YouTube app that will arrive in June.

Gamers can now be entertained by millions of YouTube videos on the PS Vita's 5" OLED screen.

This follows a string of non-gaming specific apps that have recently launched on Sony's premier mobile gaming device, such as Skype, Nico Nico, Treasure Park, Paint Park and Wake up Club.

All-encompassing Multimedia device....almost

Based on TechRadar's review of the PS Vita, Flash and HTML 5 weren't supported upon the device's launch, but Flash was said to arrive soon.

We reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment America to see if updates were made for Flash and HTML 5 but have not received a response.

The free app can be downloaded through the PlayStation Vita Store.

Stay tuned for more up-to-the-minute Sony PlayStation news with TechRadar's coverage of E3 2012.

Via PlayStation Blog