O2 launches Litmus, its own mobile app store

What's good enough for Google and Apple...

O2 has announced the beta launch of its own application centre for mobile applications, as it attempts to get a slice of the Apple pie.

Having seen the success of other app stores from the likes of Google, Apple and Nokia, O2 has lunched a forum where "passionate mobile enthusiasts and application developers can come to together".

This means that the onus is on the community that O2 hopes it has built up to allow users to develop stuff for their O2 handsets.

Long journey

James Parton, head of O2 Litmus, said on his blog: "What you see here is the culmination of a long journey during which we have spent a lot of time talking to O2 customers, application developers and industry expert types to ensure O2 Litmus is not just another 'me too' offering, but something truly unique and valuable."

We're not sure how it's not another 'me too' offering, other than extending the net of those involved beyond developers, but it will be interesting to see what alternative content O2 manages to come up with.


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