O2 suffers network downtime due to 'theft and vandalism'

O2 - targeted by theft and vandalism
O2 - targeted by theft and vandalism

O2 customers may not be able to call, text or use data services today, after the network's East London site was broken into and parts stolen in the early hours of the morning.

The bubbly network has lost a bit of fizz as some customers in East London, North London, Kent and Essex are unable to send or receive messages and calls or use data.

O2, while not exactly apologising for the network downtime, has posted plenty of information on its blog, saying: "At the moment there is no estimated time for this to be fixed, however we're working on getting our network up and running as soon as possible and expect it to be today."

Organised crime

"This was a well organised theft which targeted this operations site. We have the full support of the police in investigating this incident.

"We have extensive continuity plans which we are bringing into effect now. The nature of this theft has prevented us from restoring service immediately but we expect to do so today."

EverythingEverywhere and Three had better double-check their locks as the 'theft and vandalism' at O2's site comes not long after Vodafone experienced a similar break-in at its Basingstoke centre.

The obvious conclusion is that there's some kind of valuable nuclear element involved in maintaining a mobile phone network, which a gang of thieves is hoping to use in order to make a clapped out old car travel through time. Yes, that's probably it.

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