Dish subscribers can now watch Netflix right on their Hoppers

Dish Hopper
This is more true now than ever

If you're a Dish subscriber and your video game console or set-top box has turned into a dust-gathering Netflix machine, there's good news: you can now access Netflix right on your Dish Hopper DVR.

The Hopper is the first such device to get its own Netflix app, but it's a precedent that other TV companies will likely follow - if they're smart, at least.

There are almost certainly plenty of satellite and cable subscribers out there who aren't tech-savvy enough to have a Roku or a Chromecast or an Xbox One, but would happily use Netflix if it was included on their cable box.

Netflix is available on Dish's second generation of Hopper boxes, and the satellite company says it will put Netflix on other hardware, including Joey, Super Joey and Wireless Joey, in the coming months.

In addition users may eventually be able to find Netflix content integrated into the Dish systems' search results.