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Amazon Kindle Fire production stepped up

Amazon Kindle Fire production stepped up
Amazon Kindle Fire - popular

Amazon has reportedly upped its order for Kindle Fire tablets from its manufacturers following better than expected pre-orders.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the most eagerly anticipated tablets, with a low price point that could see it become an instant competitor to the market-leading Apple iPad.

The early signs have been very positive for Amazon, with interest turning into pre-orders for the US launch.

We are still waiting on an Amazon Kindle Fire UK release date, but good sales in the US would bode well for a move across the Atlantic.


The suggestions are that Amazon projected 4 million sales, but the manufacturers have apparently now been tasked with assembling 5 million units.

Of course, the business plan for Amazon revolves around people buying content for the Kindle Fire - which is heavily subsidised by the company in the same way as the likes of Sony and Microsoft's games consoles.

The Kindle has shown a desire for ebooks, and Amazon will be hoping that this will continue alongside boosted sales for digital copies of TV shows, films and of course Apps from its store.

Via TechCrunch