The best Helix mattress sales and deals May 2023: 20% off your next bed

The best Helix mattress sales and deals: a woman with brown hair and wearing a white sleep vest sleeps on a Helix Midnight mattress
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The Helix mattress sale is where you want to be if you're after a new bed with a healthy chunk of money knocked off the bill. Helix is currently running its Spring Sale, with 20% off all mattresses and a pair of pillows included. This deal covers not only the Helix mattresses but also the sleep brand's eco-friendly Birch Natural Mattress.

We're big fans of Helix's award-winning Midnight mattress, which we think is the best mattress for side sleepers. It also rates highly in our best mattress and best hybrid mattress guides, and if you need more details, our Helix Midnight mattress review can tell you just why we like it so much. In the current Helix mattress sale you'll get 20% off the Midnight, which means a queen size will cost you just $1,099, reduced from $1,373.80. There's no need for a discount code and you'll get a pair of Helix Dream Pillows included with your purchase.

This is a pretty standard Helix discount, but nevertheless it gets you a top-quality mattress for a very reasonable price; if you're hoping for a better saving we'd guess you'll have to wait until next month's Memorial Day mattress sales at the very earliest.

You get a 100-night mattress trial when you buy a new bed from Helix, which gives you plenty of time to adjust to your mattress and decide whether it's right for you. If you come to the conclusion that it's not a good fit, you can return it for a full refund. Helix Sleep also provides impressive warranties, too: between 10 and 25 years, depending on which model you buy. And if that's got you in the mood for investing in a Helix mattress, read on to learn more about this month's Helix mattress sales and deals.

Helix mattress sale: The best deals

Helix Midnight Mattress deal: from

Helix Midnight Mattress deal: from $936 $749 at Helix Sleep
Save 20% - This medium-firm hybrid mattress is super-comfy and breathable, and delivers ample levels of contouring around your shoulders, hips and knees when you sleep on your side. While the Helix Midnight Mattress is breathable, hot sleepers would be better off upgrading (at a cost of $149) to the GlacioTex Cooling Cover. In the new Helix mattress sale a queen size is reduced to $1,099 (was $1,374), and you’ll have 100 nights to trial it at home. There’s free shipping too.

Helix Plus Mattress sale: from

Helix Plus Mattress sale: from $811 $649 + free pillows at Helix Sleep
20% off - If you want a mattress designed for big and tall people, look no further than the 13” tall Helix Plus. It’s designed with high density four-pound foam to provide a sturdy base, but elsewhere it has all the memory foam and spring comforts of a standard Helix mattress. Right now you can save $300 on a queen size Helix Plus, reducing the price to $1,199 (was $1,499). This is a great deal if you need a bed that supports 1,000lbs. 

$999 at Birch Living

Birch Natural Mattress: was $1,248.80 now from $999 at Birch Living
20% discount
- The Birch Natural Mattress is an eco-friendly sleep option from Helix that's made with organic materials including cashmere, New Zealand wool and FairTrade cotton, plus Talalay latex and up to 1,000 individually wrapped coils providing comfort and support. There's 20% off in the Birch sale, getting you a queen size for $1,449. and you'll get a pair of Eco-Rest pillows included for free.

Which Helix mattress should you choose? 

There are nine different models in the Helix Mattress range. The Helix Sunset and the Helix Moonlight are rated as soft mattresses (4 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The Helix Midnight and the Helix Dusk are medium-firm (5.5-6 out of 10). The Helix Twilight and the Helix Dawn are each rated as firm (7 out of 10). Each of these Helix beds are priced from $799 when not on sale, or from $699 with a discount. 

Once you've established the level of comfort you want, you'll need to pick a model that suits your sleeping position. The Helix Sunset, the Helix Midnight and the Helix Twilight are better suited to side sleepers, while the Helix Moonlight, the Helix Dusk and the Helix Dawn are ideal for back, stomach and combination sleepers. For a cheaper alternative that places a big focus on cooler sleep, read our guide to the latest Cocoon by Sealy mattress sales and deals.

If you're prepared to spend a bit more, you can choose Luxe versions (from $1,199) of any of the above mattresses. As well as being more premium, Helix Luxe mattresses come with a 15-year limited warranty as opposed to the 10-year warranty that's offered with standard Helix Sleep mattresses.

Best Helix mattress sales and deals: A little girl with pigtails bounces happily on the Helix Midnight Mattress

(Image credit: Helix Sleep)

In addition to the aforementioned mattresses, there's the medium-firm Helix Plus (RRP $949, but from $849 when on sale), which features an extra layer of high-density foam to provide better support for heavier or taller sleepers.

The brand also makes the Birch by Helix Natural Mattress (priced from $999 at Birch Living), a medium bed-topper that's handmade with a higher mix of sustainable materials and also comes with a 25-year warranty. Finally, the Helix Kids Mattress (priced $649) features a flippable design to match the level of comfort children need as they grow.

In the current sale, all Helix mattresses come with two of the brand’s best pillows for boosting your sleep comfort and they’re free with your order. Whichever Helix bed you choose, we’d also recommend investing in one of the best mattress protectors to keep it clean and safe from spills, stains and germs.

Helix mattress sale, deals and discounts: image shows the Helix Midnight with a grey base and white cover

(Image credit: Helix)

1. Helix Midnight mattress deals

The best Helix mattress for side sleepers

Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king | Depth: 12 inches | Turn: No | Filling: Memory Plus Foam, High-Grade Polyfoam, Wrapped Coils, DuraDense Foam | Comfort: Medium firm | Trial: 100 nights | Warranty: 10 years | Price RRP: $799–$1,549

Great for side sleeping
Effective temperature regulation
Ample contouring comfort
Not firm enough for heavy bodies

The biggest-selling mattress in Helix's range, the Midnight is a hybrid mattress designed specifically for side sleepers, though combination sleepers will love it too. With a combination of wrapped coils and memory foam, the Helix Midnight cradles the body from head to toe, making it a great choice for relieving pressure points during sleep. Being neither rock-solid nor feathery soft, it's also ideal for couples who prefer different levels of firmness. 

Prices for the Helix Midnight range from $849 for a twin (or $749 in the sale) to $1,549 for a California king (often discounted to $1,399). A queen size Helix Midnight mattress is priced $1,249, with a $100 discount you’ll get one for $1,099. These discounts are identical to the ones offered in previous Black Friday mattress deals and Cyber Monday mattress deals, but they are $50 less than the savings we spotted in the brand’s Memorial Day and 4th of July sales.

For a good alternative, we'd recommend the Purple Original mattress, designed with the brand's own Gel Flex Grid technology to provide softness around the shoulders and hips, but a firmer feel in the lumbar region. Take a look at our Purple mattress deals and sales guide for the latest savings.

Best Helix mattress sales, deals and discounts: the Helix Plus mattress with a deep black base and soft white top

(Image credit: Helix Sleep)

2. Helix Plus mattress deals

The best Helix mattress for heavy bodies

Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king | Depth: 13 inches | Turn: No | Filling: Ultra Dense Memory Foam, Helix Dynamic Foam, Firm Memory Foam, XL Wrapped Coils, DuraDense Foam | Comfort: Medium-Firm | Trial: 100 nights | Warranty: 15-year limited | MSRP: $949–$2,199

Support for plus-size and tall sleepers
Suits all sleeping positions
Cooling Tencel cover
It’s heavy to rotate

The medium-firm Helix Plus mattress is designed for taller, heavier bodies and contains an extra layer of high-density foam to boost sturdiness and durability. The Helix Plus offers optimal levels of support for heavier bodies in all sleep positions, with a breathable cover to draw heat away from the body and help keep you cool during sleep.

The Helix Plus ranges in price from $949 for a twin ($849 in the sale) to $2,099 for a Cal king ($1,899 with a discount). A queen costs $1,749 ($1,549 on sale), and as with the Helix Midnight above, these discounts are the same as those offered in the last Helix Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. But they were $50 cheaper in the Memorial Day mattress sale

You'll make a bigger saving when purchasing the Helix Plus in a queen size than you would if you were buying the Helix Midnight in the same size. That's because the Plus has an MSRP over $1,700, which is the threshold for the $200 Helix mattress discount.     

Luxury bed maker Saatva also makes a mattress for heavier bodies: the Saatva HD, often priced from $1,499 in the Saatva mattress sale.

Helix mattress sale, deals and discounts: image shows the Birch Natural Mattress on a white background

(Image credit: Birch)

3. Birch by Helix Natural Mattress deals

Organic luxury for the eco-conscious

Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, ling, Cal king | Depth: 11 inches | Turn: No | Filling: Organic Wool, Natural Latex, Individually Wrapped Coils | Comfort: Medium | Trial: 100 nights | Warranty: 25 years | MSRP: $1,349–$2,099

Hypoallergenic and organic materials
25-year warranty 
Affordable for an organic bed
Higher motion transfer

Want to get a great night's sleep and do your bit for the environment? Then look no further than the Birch by Helix Natural Mattress, a hybrid mattress made from naturally sourced materials including organic wool and the sap of rubber trees. The Birch mattress is designed to provide optimal pressure relief for all sleep positions, not to mention advanced breathability to keep you from sweating at night.

The Birch by Helix ranges in price from $1,399 for a twin size ($999 in the sale) to $2,149 for a Cal king (often discounted to $1,749). A queen costs $1,849 (often on sale for $1,449). Right now, all of the sizes currently come with a 20% discount.

Do you need a Helix mattress discount code? 

On occasion, to take advantage of the new Helix mattress deals you'll need to input a specific discount code when you get to checkout. In previous Helix mattress sales there were six codes in total, so you'd use the one that matched the total amount of your order. Once the code has been applied, the saving will be displayed and your total value will be reduced automatically in your cart at checkout.

That said, the current Helix sale doesn't require a discount code, which definitely makes life easier!    

Helix mattress Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales: what you need to know

Last year, Helix offered discounts of up to $200 on its standard mattresses and a flat $400 off the Birch by Helix Natural Mattress in any size. The year before, customers could save $200. However, it's worth noting that neither of those deals were as good as what's on the table in the current Helix mattress sale. 

The other piece of the puzzle is the baseline price of the mattress. There are better times of the year to shop for a new bed, and these include late November (Black Friday) and early December (Cyber Monday), as well as the Presidents’ Day mattress sales in February and the Labor Day mattress sales in September. 

So, if you need a new mattress and want it to be a Helix, there’s no need to wait until November as the discounts we’re seeing right now are better, and there’s no chance that baseline prices will remain the same. Helix Sleep also makes a range of bedding accessories, including mattress toppers to add instant comfort to your existing bed.

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