Labor Day mattress sales 2023: catch them while you still can

Labor Day mattress sales: a Saatva Classic mattress on a bed, with a badge saying "BIG SAVINGS"
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The Labor Day mattress sales aren't quite over yet. Labor Day's been and gone but most sleep brands are extending their sales for a few days, and that means a stack of amazing offers to help you upgrade your sleep setup without spending a fortune. There are some major discounts on some of the best mattresses on the market from all the top brands, and we're here to help you find them, and we can find you deals on mattress toppers and pillows while we're at it.

Mattress sales happen all year round, but the Labor Day sales have brought along some of the lowest prices you'll see until Black Friday comes around at the end of November. And if you don't want to wait until Black Friday to treat yourself to a new mattress, scroll down to find about all the sales that are still live.

Whether you're after the best memory foam mattress, the best hybrid mattress or simply the best king size mattress, you should still be able to find a fine discount before the Labor Day mattress sales come to an end.

Labor Day mattress sales 2023: quick links

Labor Day mattress sales: top picks

1. Saatva Classic: $1,095 $695 at Saatva
Special deal

1. Saatva Classic: was $1,095 now from $695 at Saatva
Special deal
– Saatva's standard Labor Day sale takes between $200 and $500 off orders over $1,000, but you don't want to do that. Instead use our link and you'll get $400 off orders over $1,000, and that means a bigger discount on the top-ranking Saatva Classic. We found this mattress delivered superb comfort, support and durability for less than its luxury rivals when we tested it. With this deal it now costs $1,595 for a queen (down from $1,995), and you'll get a lifetime warranty, plus a full year to trial it.

2. The DreamCloud Mattress: $839 $499 at DreamCloudLuxury hybrid

2. The DreamCloud Mattress: was $839 now from $499 at DreamCloud
Luxury hybrid - You've just missed a DreamCloud flash sale that delivered a 50% price cut, and now the DreamCloud Labor Day sale knocks the company's usual 40% off the price, which means a queen size will cost you $799. This medium-firm mattress is one of America's top beds for back pain, with dedicated lumbar support to ease aches and pains. In our DreamCloud Mattress review we also recommend it as a great choice for hot sleepers, as it sleeps cooler than many other hybrids we've tested. There's a 365-night risk-free trial too, plus a forever warranty.

3. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: $649 $399 at Nectar
Best budget

3. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: was $649 now from $399 at Nectar
Best budget
- The Nectar mattress is a superb lower-mid-range memory foam mattress and there's 33% off in Nectar's current sale. We think it's the best budget mattress you can buy, and one of the best memory foam mattresses for anyone on a tighter budget. In our Nectar Mattress review we found it to be particularly comfortable for side and back sleeping, with good pressure relief and temperature regulation. However, if you're a particularly hot sleeper, choose the Saatva above or the DreamCloud below, as these offer better temperature regulation properties.

4. Casper Wave Hybrid Snow: $2,895 $2,171.25 at CasperLowest price at Amazon -

4. Casper Wave Hybrid Snow: was $2,895 now from $2,171.25 at Casper
Lowest price at Amazon - Casper's Labor Day sale takes 20% off most of its mattresses, but there's an extra discount on the Wave Hybrid and Wave Hybrid Snow. So if a premium cooling mattress takes your fancy, now's the time to buy the high-end Wave Hybrid Snow. It features HeatDelete bands, cooling gel and a QuickCool cover to keep temperatures down. This advanced hybrid is now available for $2,546.25 in a queen size, reduced from $3,395. That's as low as the price gets at Casper; it's just been on sale at a lower price in a queen size on Amazon, but we're afraid you've missed that particular boat.

5. Helix Midnight Mattress: $936.30 $702.20 + 2 free pillows at Helix
Best mattress for side sleepers

5. Helix Midnight Mattress: was $936.30 now from $702.20 + 2 free pillows at Helix
Best mattress for side sleepers
- In last year's Labor Day mattress sale Helix was running tiered discounts, but this year it appears to be sticking to a straight percentage reduction. which is a bit of relief. Right now there's 25% off, which knocks the price of a queen Helix Midnight to $999, which is as good as it gets. Two Dream pillows are included for free, as well. If you're a front sleeper, you might need more support, though, in which case check out the Saatva Classic, or if you want to stick with Helix, the Helix Dusk

6. Cocoon by Sealy Chill Memory Foam mattress: $619 $399 + free bedding at Cocoon by Sealy
Affordable cooling mattress

6. Cocoon by Sealy Chill Memory Foam mattress: was $619 now from $399 + free bedding at Cocoon by Sealy
Affordable cooling mattress
– If you tend to sleep hot, check out the Cocoon by Sealy Chill. This memory foam mattress is designed to keep you cool at night, thanks in part to a cover made with phase-change material designed to regulate your temperature as you sleep. There's 35% off right now, with some free pillows and sheets thrown, and the MSRP has actually come down since last year, so you'll pay less this Labor Day than you would have in 2022. You can pick up a queen for $699 (was $1,079), and score $179 in free bedding, too. It's a great option if you suffer with back pain, but side sleepers may find it too firm.

7. GhostBed Luxe Cooling Mattress: $2,595 $1,298 + 2 free pillows at GhostBed
Best cooling mattress –

7. GhostBed Luxe Cooling Mattress: was $2,595 now from $1,298 + 2 free pillows at GhostBed
Best cooling mattress –
The 'coolest bed in the world' is by no means a cheap mattress, and the price has gone up a bit since 2022. But with 50% off it's pretty well priced for what you get: a queen is now $1,598 (down from $3,195), which is quite a bargain. Also included with purchase are two free cooling pillows (worth $219) plus 10 years of accident protection from stains and spills. The standard 25-year warranty applies, and you get 101 nights to trial it. 

8. Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress:$1,099 $699 at Awara
Best organic mattress

8. Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress: was $1,099 now from $699 at Awara
Best organic mattress
– Organic mattresses aren't cheap, but this is a good saving on a popular model by the same company that owns Nectar and DreamCloud (hence the excellent 1-year trial and Forever Warranty). In our Awara mattress review, we found this mattress was on the firmer side, which makes it a great choice for back or stomach sleepers in need of some extra support. There's $400 off the full range in the Awara sale. 

9. Birch Natural Mattress: $1,498.80 $1,124.10 plus 2 free pillows at Birch Living
25% off

9. Birch Natural Mattress: was $1,498.80 now from $1,124.10 plus 2 free pillows at Birch Living
25% off
- The Birch Labor Day sale takes 25% off all mattresses. That means you can bring home a queen-sized Birch Natural Mattress for $1,592.80, which is a solid price for one of the best organic mattresses. A layer of Talalay latex plus a support layer of individually-wrapped steel coils means most sleepers will find comfort and support. A 100-night trial and 25-year warranty apply.

10. Avocado Green Mattress:$1,399 $1,259.10 at Avocado
Best organic mattress –

10. Avocado Green Mattress: was $1,399 now from $1,259.10 at Avocado
Best organic mattress –
Avocado is taking 10% off most of its mattresses in its Labor Day sale, which means that you can save up to $259.90 on the Avocado Green Mattress. It's available in gentle-firm and medium-firm feels, and is made using organic materials. You can bring home a queen size mattress for $1,799.10 (was $1,999) – which is a decent deal, considering you also get a 1-year trial plus a 25-year warranty with your purchase. 

Labor Day mattress sales: Memory foam

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: $599 $359 at Nectar
Great price -

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: was $599 now from $359 at Nectar
Great price -
Nectar Labor Day sale takes 33% off everything. That brings the price of a queen down to $699 (from $1,049), and while this is actually standard Nectar pricing, it's well below the average price you'd pay for this size mattress at most other brands. The low price doesn't mean you compromise on quality, though; we sang its praises in our Nectar Mattress review for exceptional pressure relief and good temperature regulation. You get a full year to try it at home, as well, with an industry-leading forever warranty to back your purchase.

Saatva Loom & Leaf: $1,295 $895 at Saatva$400 off -

Saatva Loom & Leaf: was $1,295 now from $895 at Saatva
$400 off - This luxurious foam-only bed from Saatva delivers top-notch pressure relief for back ache and sore joints, and its gel-infused foam stops it getting too warm. It's a pricier option, but it's a good choice if you suffer from back pain, as it's firmer than many memory foam mattresses, to help keep your spine in correct alignment. The Saatva Labor Day sale takes up to $350 off the Loom & Leaf, but if you use our link you'll instead save $400, getting you a queen size for $1,995.

Bear Original Mattress: $748$487 + free accessories at Bear Mattress
35% discount -

Bear Original Mattress: was $748 now from $487 + free accessories at Bear Mattress
35% discount -
Bear Mattress has a 35% off sitewide sale for Labor Day, which is the same discount it was running back on the 4th of July. The Bear Original is the brand's most affordable cooling mattress, and this is a great time to grab one. The price of a queen is down from $998 to $649, while a twin is just $487. Add to that a free sleep bundle including pillows, sheet set and mattress protector, and you have an outstanding value for money. Memory foam mattresses are prone for trapping heat, but the Bear Original's cooling graphite-gel memory foam will keep you comfortable and well-supported all night long. 

Purple Plus Mattress: $1,495 $1,195 at Purple
Save $300 –

Purple Plus Mattress: was $1,495 now from $1,195 at Purple
Save $300 –
The Purple Labor Day sale gets you $300 off the Purple Plus in all sizes. Where this mattress shines is in its pressure relieving properties, but it's also a good choice if you want a cooling mattress. This mattress is medium in firmness, with the GelFlex grid plus an added layer of comfort foam not present in the original Purple mattress. A queen size will cost you $1,595 (was $1,895). Other Purple mattresses are on sale for $200 to $500 off, and you can get further discounts on most models by adding a smart base. 

Siena Memory Foam Mattress: $499 $199 at Siena Sleep
Save $300 -

Siena Memory Foam Mattress: was $499 now from $199 at Siena Sleep
Save $300 -
The medium-firm Siena Memory Foam Mattress is a good budget option for your bedroom or for upgrading a guest room. It’s 10 inches tall, an average height for budget boxed mattresses, and uses gel memory foam to boost airflow. There’s also motion-reducing foam to isolate motion from your partner during sleep, with contouring memory foam to give you both a relaxing, body-hug feel. A queen size is down to $399 (was $699) in this year's Siena Labor Day mattress sale; you’ll get 180 nights to trial it too, which is the same trial length as luxury brands such as Saatva. 

Labor Day mattress sales: Bed-in-a-box

Helix Midnight mattress:  $702 + free pillows at Helix
25% discount -

Helix Midnight mattress: was $936 now from $702 + free pillows at Helix
25% discount -
The Helix Midnight is a hybrid mattress in a box that's especially comfortable for side sleepers, thanks to sink-in memory foam that contours around the sleeper's joints, and prevents pressure from building up in the shoulders and hips while ensuring the spine stays properly supported. For Labor Day, Helix is knocking 25% off mattresses (an increase on its usual 20% off deal), with pillows thrown in for free. Thanks to a drop in an MSRP over the summer, the queen size is now $999, which is the cheapest it's been all year.

Purple Mattress: $799$599 at Purple
$200 off -

Purple Mattress: was $799 now from $599 at Purple
$200 off -
Instead of memory foam, the Purple has an elastic gel grid that flexes around the sleeper's joints. It won't trap heat like foams can, and will spring back immediately when pressure is relived, making it easy to change position on too. For Labor Day, there's $200 off all sizes, taking the cost of a queen size down to $1,199. That's the lowest price we ever see on this model, and well worth snapping up (deals only really appear around national holidays like this one). 

Nectar Memory Foam mattress: $699$359 at Nectar
Save 33% -

Nectar Memory Foam mattress: was $699 now from $359 at Nectar
Save 33% -
The Nectar is a great-value, all foam bed-in-a-box. It has a medium-firm feel that'll suit most sleeper styles and body types, and comes with outstanding extras: a full year's trial and forever warranty. For Labor Day, there's 33% off MSRP, with a queen size available for $699; that's a pretty standard Nectar mattress sale price, but still represents incredible value for money. 

DreamCloud Mattress: $839$499 at DreamCloud40% saving -

DreamCloud Mattress: was $839 now from $499 at DreamCloud
40% saving - The DreamCloud is surprisingly luxurious for its really affordable price. The hybrid design includes supportive springs and body-hugging memory foam, and it's an excellent choice for anyone seeking a bed-in-a-box that'll sleep cool and offer strong support. This model is never sold at full price, and the current 40% off deal means a queen is just $799. 

Labor Day mattress sales: Hybrid

Nolah Evolution 15": $1,499 $999 at NolahUp to $1,200 off + free pillows -

Nolah Evolution 15": was $1,499 now from $999 at Nolah
Up to $1,200 off + free pillows - The Nolah Labor Day sale is well worth checking out, with prices lower than on 4th of July as well as two free Nolah Squishy pillows included to sweeten the deal. This means you can get its most popular mattress, the luxurious Nolah Evolution 15", for $1,699 in a queen size ($50 cheaper than 4th of July), and enjoy its impressive pressure relief and spinal alignment at a great price.

Casper Original Hybrid: $1,095 $876 at Casper20% reduction -

Casper Original Hybrid: was $1,095 now from $876 at Casper
20% reduction - There's up to 20% off most mattresses at Casper for Labor Day, and the Casper Original Hybrid gets the full 20% off. That's a great discount on a quality hybrid mattress that delivers a medium-firm feel, cradling support and low motion transfer. With this limited-time deal you can get a queen size for $1,196; we've noted in the past that Casper can drop bigger flash discounts on sales event days themselves, so it might be worth holding out for a lower price on Labor Day.

Leesa Legend Hybrid Mattress: $1,999 $1,599 at Leesa
Save up to $700

Leesa Legend Hybrid Mattress: was $1,999 now from $1,599 at Leesa
Save up to $700
– There are savings across Leesa's full range for Labor Day, but the biggest price drop is on the luxurious Legend model. A step up from the brand's original hybrid, this features premium foam and two layers of springs, designed to deliver "superior stability and targeted pressure relief". With this offer, the price of a queen drops to $2,099 (originally $2,599). This mattress has some eco-friendly credentials too: recycled steel for the springs, and a cover made from polyester woven from old water bottles.

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress: $1,373.80 $1,030.30 at Helix
25% off + 2 free pillows

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress: was $1,373.80 now from $1,030.30 at Helix
25% off + 2 free pillows
- This luxuriously thick medium-firm hybrid features zoned lumbar support for targeted support, and a premium quilted pillow top. You can choose between a breathable Tencel cover or pay a bit more for the 'GlacioTex Cooling Cover' which is engineered to pull heat away from your body. This Labor Day mattress sale takes 25% off, getting you a queen size for $1,780 with two pillows included.

The Big Fig Mattress:$1399$999 with code LABORDAY at Big FigSave $400 -

The Big Fig Mattress: was $1399 now from $999 with code LABORDAY at Big Fig
Save $400 - Big Fig's medium-firm cooling hybrid mattress is specifically designed for heavier bodies: the more pressure you put on it, the more the high-density foam and flexible wrapped coils react to support you. There's $400 off the Big Fig mattress in its Labor Day sale, with a queen costing $1,399. This one comes with a 120-night trial, so you can check whether it's right, plus a generous 20-year warranty as well.

Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress: $1,699 $1,249 at AmerisleepSave $450

Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress: was $1,699 now from $1,249 at Amerisleep
Save $450 - All Amerisleep mattresses qualify for this $450 discount thanks to coupon code AS450 (which is automatically applied at checkout). That includes the brand's best-selling model, the AS3, which is now $1,499 in queen (was $1,949). The AS3 is a medium hybrid mattress that offers impressive pressure relief for side sleepers; you can see in our