Plan the perfect Valentine's with the Note II

Pull off a romantic Valentine's trip to perfection

Plan and pull of the perfect Valentines using your GALAXY Note II

Traditional mobile phone-related advice for Valentine's Day would probably be to switch the phone to silent and take a few hours' break from checking Facebook so you can enjoy the company of your loved one!

But the Samsung GALAXY Note II can help you do better. With the Note II's help, you can plan and execute the perfect Valentine's Day trip to surprise your sweetheart. Here's how.

Firstly, use one of the often-neglected features of your Samsung GALAXY Note II - the phone part. Remember that Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday this year so, if you want to go on the actual day rather than the weekend, be sure to call your partner's employer and make sure they can get the time off if you need to whisk them away.

Finding that special romantic hideaway

All that done, you need to find somewhere to go. Android is pretty well served in this respect and there are plenty of decent holiday booking apps to download to your Note II that can help you find a bargain break to match your criteria.

We went with eBookers, although, TripAdvisor and all offer a similar selection of hotels and flights.

This being Valentine's Day and because we are nothing if not suckers for a cliché, Paris seemed like the only logical choice, but don't let us dictate everything about what should be a special break for you and your sweetheart. Fire up those apps and start searching for the ideal destination.

All of the booking apps we tried come with mini reviews of hotels and facilities but it is worth double-checking with something like Yelp (of which, more later) to get a broad opinion on anywhere you are considering. Don't just go for the first place you find, check it out first - remember you want this year's Valentine's to be remembered for the right reasons!

Plan your amorous activities beforehand

Once you know where you will be staying you can begin to plan some activities. Start by taking a look around. No, not after you arrive; before you go.

Google Maps has a very handy feature called Street View that works tremendously well on the Note II's expansive HD Super AMOLED screen. As long as Google's local drivers have visited it (which is true of most major world cities now) then Street View will let you virtually wander the streets so you can get the lay of the land without leaving your desk or your sofa.

One of the highlights of your trip should be a meal in the best restaurant you can find (or can afford!). Once again, the Google Play store has several excellent apps that make finding and booking a restaurant a snap. Zagat has excellent coverage of over 30,000 restaurants worldwide; Yelp too is a great all-rounder while TopTable and La Fourchette are better suited to the UK and France respectively.

Whichever app you choose, all the above will let you make a table reservation directly from your Note II. USE THIS FEATURE. Do not leave finding somewhere to eat to chance, especially around Valentine's Day, or you will end up disappointed and scoffing a bag of chips in a bus shelter. Quite possibly alone.

Get thee to the airport on time!

On the day, use a decent and reliable cab finder app like Hailo to get to the station or airport on time. The app will find a cab and let you book a time. You can even open an account and pay directly from your Note II to cut down on hassle on the big day.