Lenovo Yoga 11S

best ultrabooks

If you're in the market for a Windows 8 tablet or laptop, you'd be remiss to not check out the Lenovo Yoga 11S.

While it lacks a Haswell option, it's still plenty fast enough for whatever you want to do, with the exception of hardcore PC gaming. We took this model on several business trips and experienced nary a hiccup. On planes, its diminutive size made it perfect for working or watching videos. Plus, it easily tucks away nicely into any bag you may be traveling with.

Sony Vaio Duo 13

best ultrabooks

best ultrabooks

The Sony Vaio Duo 13 is an excellent product, and one of the best hybrid Ultrabooks we've seen. But with such a hefty price tag, it's still tough for us to ditch our separate laptops and tablets.

It's a shame, because for $400 less we wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Sony Vaio Duo 13. In short, this laptop ticks most of the boxes and improves on a lot of its predecessors faults. However, for $1,399 or more, you better have some deep pockets.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

best ultrabook

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is a business laptop that straddles the line between form and function more than ever after this update. For those with a penchant for aesthetics, here's a brand new design with some fantastic new features. And to keep the no-nonsense business user happy, this is a plenty powerful piece of hardware.

The connectivity on offer through this Ultrabook's super slim design profile alone is impressive. And the adaptive keys, while divisive, add a ton of function in a limited amount of space and an attractive presentation. Look out, MacBook Pro, you're no longer the only thin and light business option on the block.

Razer Blade

best ultrabooks

The Razer Blade sets a new high mark for what a mid-size Windows laptop can and should be. It looks fantastic, exhibits top-notch performance in both day-to-day use and gaming. And it's comfortable to work on.

In terms of performance, very few laptops of this shape and size are capable of rivaling what Razer has created. Even Apple's highest-end laptop, the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, has a punier GPU. We happily recommend the Razer Blade as a choice gaming laptop.