DreamCloud Mattress review 2024

The DreamCloud Mattress offers a stunning blend of comfort and support

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress
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TechRadar Verdict

The DreamCloud Mattress is the best value luxury hybrid on the market. It performed well across the board in my tests, and I'd recommend it to anyone who experiences joint pain, overheats at night, or shares a bed with a restless partner. The medium-firm feel should suit most side and back sleepers, but lightweight individuals may find it too hard at first. The DreamCloud undercuts almost all its competitors on price, and comes with superb extras too, including a 365-night trial and lifetime warranty.


  • +

    Great value for a luxurious hybrid

  • +

    Good temperature regulation

  • +

    Isolates movements well

  • +

    Excellent pressure relief

  • +

    365-night trial and lifetime warranty


  • -

    May be too firm for some sleepers

  • -

    Not much of a memory foam 'hug'

  • -

    Only one firmness option

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Editor's note

  • Original review date: August 2022
  • No design changes since original review
  • Prices have fallen: queen size originally cost $999, now $799

Updated: February 2024
The DreamCloud remains one of the best hybrid mattress we've tested, delivering excellent comfort and support, as well as a feel that will suit a wide range of sleepers. In fall 2023 DreamCloud introduced an all-foam alternative, but the design of the hybrid is the same as on our original review model. We called it out for being great value for money at time of testing, with an affordable mid-range price and generous extras, like a year-long trial. Prices have fallen since review – back then a queen size would cost you $999, but now it's usually $799 (ignore MSRP, it's never sold at that price) – making it an even stronger value proposition now.

Ruth Hamilton headshot
Ruth Hamilton

DreamCloud Mattress: two-minute review

The DreamCloud Mattress is a luxuriously thick hybrid mattress that's sold at a much lower price than equivalent beds from rival brands. It also comes with excellent perks – a full year's trial period and lifetime warranty. After sleeping on a queen-size model for three weeks and testing it on a range of comfort and support criteria, I'd rate this the best mattress around if you're looking for an affordable yet surprisingly premium-feeling hybrid. 

The hybrid design consists of an innerspring base, a cashmere-blend quilted foam cover, and three layers of foams sandwiched in between them – including a layer of gel-infused memory foam to keep sleepers cool. During testing I found it to be the perfect blend of bouncy, soft, and supportive. It's responsive yet cradling, with a nice amount of cushioning, and kept my head, neck, and shoulders nicely aligned.

Some other (pricier) brands offer a choice of different sleep feels, but there's only one firmness option here. That medium-firm feel manages to satisfy most sleepers, although very lightweight people might find it a bit too hard, while very heavy bodies should seek out something more supportive. In fact, the DreamCloud Mattress performed impressively well in all of my tests – check out the table below for an overview.

The generous 365-night trial means you can sleep on it in all seasons before fully committing, and you’re not satisfied, the company will refund your money and also cover the returns fee. 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Comfort7.5/10 firmness, suits most people and positions. Comfortable cushioning and sturdy springs.N/A
ValueLower-mid / mid-range mattress, one of the most affordable in its category.4.5/5
DesignFairly luxe-feeling, 14" tall hybrid with foams and pocket coils. Cashmere-blend cover not removable.4/5
TemperatureCoils help with breathability, no issues with trapping heat.4.5/5
Motion isolation Excellent – absorbs movements very effectively. 4.5/5
Edge supportSturdy edges, sleeper able to sit comfortably on the edges.4.5/5
Customer serviceFree basic delivery, with upgrade options. Generous trial and warranty.4.5/5

That's the super-short version. Read on for my full DreamCloud mattress review.

Note: I'm reviewing the US model here. For the UK review, toggle the flag dropdown in the main navigation bar.

DreamCloud mattress review: Design & materials

  • 14-inch tall, hybrid mattress with five internal layers, plus cover
  • Includes quilted, cashmere blend cover, memory foam and wrapped coils
  • You'll have to spot-treat stains since the cover is not removable

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid has five internal layers, including foams and springs. At 14 inches tall, it's thicker than most mattresses, which helps it feel more luxurious, but is worth bearing in mind if you're going to need to move it around a lot, or are planning on adding a topper, for example. It's available in the usual range of common US sizes, and ranks highly in TechRadar's best king size mattress guide.

At the top is a soft-touch cover made from quilted foam and cashmere blend material. It's stitched with a cloud pattern, and has a fairly luxurious look and feel (it's still designed to be nice and durable). 

Right underneath that is a pressure-relieving comfort layer made of 'soft foam', followed by a layer of sink-in memory foam, infused with gel to promote cooling. These sit on top of a 'transition layer' of a third type of foam. All of the foams used here are CertiPUR-US certified, which means they meet certain basic health and environmental standards. 

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress materials diagram

Inside the DreamCloud Hybrid you'll find layers of different foams and pocket coils (Image credit: DreamCloud)

Beneath these three foams is the layer of eight-and-a-half inch tall innerspring steel coils. These are individually pocketed, to help isolate movements, and extra-thick around the perimeter, to give a sturdier edge. The coils will also boost breathability by creating space for air to circulate within the mattress (all-foam mattresses can cling on to body heat). 

Below the coils is a layer of base foam for stability, followed by the shift-resistant lower cover. Unlike some other models, the upper cover cannot be removed and popped into the washing machine for easy cleaning – this one is spot-clean only (if you're unsure of how to do this read our guide to learn how to clean a mattress). To further safeguard the mattress from stains, spills, and other undesirables, wrap it in one of the best mattress protectors. There are, however, handles to help with maneuvering.

Diagram showing layers of hybrid DreamCloud (left) and all-foam version

The memory foam version (left) swaps the springs of the hybrid (right) for more foam (Image credit: DreamCloud)

The DreamCloud Hybrid is the brand's original and flagship model. There are a couple of pricier, and more advanced models in the range – the Premier and the Premier Rest. In fall 2023, DreamCloud also introduced all-foam versions of all of its mattresses, so it is possible to buy the DreamCloud original in a version that swaps the springs for more foam.

  • Design score: 4 out of 5

DreamCloud mattress review: Price & value for money

  • Lower-mid / mid-range mattress; queen size typically sold at $799
  • Never sold at full price – expect around 40% off
  • Comes with a 1-year trial and forever warranty

The DreamCloud Mattress is very competitively priced among other luxury hybrids and is among the most affordable mattresses in its class. Ignore MSRP, because there's always a DreamCloud mattress sale on. The evergreen offer runs year-round and knocks around 40% off. One exception is the Black Friday mattress deals – while the offer on the day itself is usually just the standard evergreen deal, there are often flash sales that occur in the late October and early November that deliver especially low prices.

Outside of those holiday flash sales, the evergreen offer gets you a queen-size DreamCloud Hybrid for $799. The all-foam version will typically have the same discount structure, and overall is slightly cheaper.

Here's the 'official' pricing for the DreamCloud mattress, and alongside the typical sale price:

  • Twin: MSRP $839 (usually on sale for $503)
  • Twin XL: MSRP $1,089 (usually on sale for $653)
  • Full: MSRP $1,199 (usually on sale for $719)
  • Queen: MSRP $1,332 (usually on sale for $799)
  • King: MSRP $1,669 (usually on sale for $1,001)
  • Cal king: MSRP $1,669 (usually on sale for $1,001)

The DreamCloud is one of the most affordable options in TechRadar's best hybrid mattress ranking, and punches above its weight when it comes to quality. It's a great alternative to something like the Saatva Classic or the WinkBed mattress, but can't afford the premium price tag – while the DreamCloud isn't as high quality as either of those models, it has a similar look and feel. 

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress uncovered on a bed frame

(Image credit: Future)

Standard with the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid is a 365-night mattress trial, providing you with an entire year to decide if the mattress is right for you. If you decide not to keep the mattress, you can request a refund as long as you tried it for 30 full days. (You'll also avail of free returns.) But if you do decide to keep it, the DreamCloud Mattress is guaranteed for life. Should you ever find a manufacturer’s flaw or defect, DreamCloud will repair or replace it.

With a few weeks of testing under my belt, I would be surprised if DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress didn't remain sturdy and new-looking. The mattress utilizes high-quality build materials and premium construction, which means it should stand up to years of use. 

  • Value score: 4.5 out of 5

DreamCloud mattress review: Comfort & support

  • I'd rate it a 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale
  • Suitable for most side or back sleepers who battle joint pain
  • Lighter bodies or front-side sleepers may find it too firm

The DreamCloud Mattress comes in one firmness level, which the company declares is a 'luxury firm' at 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. However, my testing panel judged it to be a little firmer – somewhere between a 7 and 8 out of 10. Some more expensive hybrid mattresses are available in a few different firmness feels, so you can pick according to your preferences, but that's not the case with the DreamCloud. It's one of the concessions you're making for that lower price point. 

Luckily, the DreamCloud proved to be a very comfortable level of firmness for most of my testing panel, myself included. The upper foam layers add some plush cushioning and pressure relief, but this isn't a mattress that you'll sink too far into – don't expect that memory foam 'hug' feel. Meanwhile, the pocket coils deliver plenty of support, and it's responsive enough that you'll be able to change position easily.

DreamCloud Mattress with a kettlebell in the middle to test pressure relief

(Image credit: Future)

When I placed a 50lb kettlebell weight in the middle of the DreamCloud Mattress, it sunk in a minimal 1.5 inches, and I didn't notice any indentations upon removing the weight. 

Remember, however, that mattress firmness is subjective. Height, weight, and dominant sleep position play a role in how you'll feel about a particular mattress. That's why I asked a range of sleepers of different body types and sleep preferences to share their views for this review, as well as consulting available customer reviews (below). 

DreamCloud Hybrid mattress US

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

Most of my testers found the DreamCloud comfortable in any position, with plenty of pressure relief for back and side sleepers in particular. Those among us with achy joints said the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid sufficiently alleviated joint pain in their knees and hips by cradling and cushioning in all of the right places. Meanwhile, our back-sleeping weekend guest reviewer found much relief when resting on the DreamCloud, also noting that she felt her spine was well-aligned. I'd also recommend it to anyone who deals with back pain (this model features amongst TechRadar's best mattresses for back pain), thanks to the combination of sturdy support and comfortable cushioning.

It won't suit everyone. Front sleepers might need something a little firmer, and similarly if you weigh much above 230lbs, you might crave slightly more support (those in the latter camp could consider upgrading to the DreamCloud Premier Hybrid Mattress, or another models from TechRadar's best mattress for bigger bodies guide). On the flip side, lightweight sleepers might find it a tad too hard for their liking.

DreamCloud mattress review: Performance

  • Low motion transfer makes it suitable for co-sleepers
  • Hot sleepers are likely to sleep cooler on this
  • Edge support is also very good

I slept on a queen-sized DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid for three weeks, asking others of different weights and sleep preferences to come and test the mattress during this time. In addition to assessing the DreamCloud for comfort and support, I also tested out other key performance aspects – namely, temperature regulation, motion transfer and edge support. Keep reading to learn what I discovered...

Temperature regulation

Despite not being a designated cooling mattress, the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid also does a superb job of regulating temperature. As a rule, hybrids tend to be more breathable than all-foam models, because the coils create space for air to circulate within the mattress. Some foams can also cling on to body heat, but I didn't have any issue with the DreamCloud's foam layers. The cashmere-blend top fabric might also have contributed to this mattress' temperature regulation properties – the sleep surface remained cool to the touch throughout the night. 

During my review period, I used several different sheets including a jersey blend and a Pima cotton blend set, and found no difference in the DreamCloud’s ability to keep cool.

  • Temperature regulation score: 4.5 out of 5

Motion isolation

To evaluate the DreamCloud's motion transfer – which is when you can feel someone tossing, turning, or getting in or out of bed while someone else is sleeping – I performed several drop tests using an empty wine glass and a 10lb kettlebell. 

I dropped the weight roughly two feet away from the glass from three different heights: 4 inches (to mimic a partner tossing-and-turning), 8 inches (a partner getting in or out of bed), and 12 inches (a partner jumping into bed, or a larger co-sleeper turning over).

DreamCloud Mattress during motion isolation test

(Image credit: Future)

With all three drop tests, the wine glass was solid, barely stirred, and only slightly stirred, respectively. This is a great result, suggesting that you would hardly feel any of the motion transfer on the other side of the bed from a partner.

That matches up with my real-world experience – I had no issue with being disturbed by a partner's movements on my queen-sized bed during my review period. I can confidently recommend the DreamCloud Mattress for couples who operate on different schedules or sleep with someone who is very restless.

  • Motion isolation score: 4.5 out of 5

Edge support

The edge support on DreamCloud Mattress is another area where I was mostly impressed. I was not only able to sit fairly comfortably on the edge of DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid without problem, but I also placed a 50lb kettlebell on the edge of the bed to simulate a child or large animal resting on the side if the bed and experienced no issue. The mattress does a decent job of holding its shape and the weight only sunk in the same 1.5 inches that it did when placed in the middle, indicating that the edge support is decent.

Edge of the DreamCloud Mattress

(Image credit: Future)

This is good news for anyone who tends to roll towards the edge of the bed while they sleep, as they won't have to worry about possibly falling onto the floor. It's also beneficial for anyone with mobility issues who needs to sit on the edge of the bed before getting in or out of it.

  • Edge support score: 4.5 out of 5

DreamCloud mattress review: Customer service

  • Delivered vacuum-packed, rolled and boxed
  • Free standard delivery, no option to upgrade
  • Generous trial period of a full year, and forever warranty

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid ships free, and typically takes around two to five business days to arrive. Like all the best bed-in-a-box mattresses, it's vacuum-packed and rolled for delivery, making it easier to get it through your home, even if you have tight corners or cramped stairwells to contend with. 

You're probably going to need to rope someone else in to help you get your mattress into place, because even though it's compact, it's still heavy (especially the larger sizes). If there's no one available, you do have the option to upgrade to Premium In-Home Setup – this costs $199 for two items. You can also opt to have your old mattress removed. 

Inside the cardboard box you'll find a large, plastic-covered-barrel-shaped mattress to unwrap – made easier courtesy of the little cutting gadget that's included. After rolling it out and removing the plastic, the mattress emerges and begins to instantly expand from its vacuum seal. You can sleep on the mattress within an hour, which means you can set it up closer to bedtime if you wish.

I hardly detected any off-gassing smell while unpacking the mattress and if there was any odor, it quickly dissipated. But this is a hybrid mattress, which isn't as susceptible to off-gassing as its full-foam counterparts in the first place. 

The DreamCloud Mattress wrapped in plastic on a bed frame

(Image credit: Future)

Almost all of the big bed brands offer free delivery, but quite a few do also give you the option to upgrade to a more comprehensive delivery if it's needed, so that's slightly disappointing. Saatva is the only brand I know of to include white glove delivery for free, but those mattresses are significantly more expensive. 

When it comes to trial period, DreamCloud fares better – you'll get a full year's sleep trial to test out your purchase and make sure it's right for you. That matches the longest trial you'll find on the market, and returns are free too (some brands charge a processing fee for this). Finally, there's a forever warranty, which again matches the longest you'll find anywhere (... obviously), and is very generous for a mattress in this price bracket. 

  • Customer service score: 4.5 out of 5

DreamCloud mattress specs

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Height12 inches
MaterialsGel memory foam, other foams, pocket coils
CoverCashmere-blend fabric and quilted foam cover, not removable
Firmness (1-10)Officially 6.5, we rate 7.5
Trial period365 nights
Price bracketLower-mid / mid-range
Queen priceMSRP $1,332, usually sold at $799
SizesTwin, twin XL, full, queen, king, Cal king, split king

DreamCloud mattress review: Other reviews

  • 4.6* average over ~8,200 reviews (Nov 2023)
  • Complaints focus on it being to soft or firm, a few also found it slept warm
  • Most reviews are very enthusiastic and positive

My testing panel was made up of individuals with varying builds and preferences, but it's still a rather small sample size to go by. Thus, I've also analyzed user reviews from other DreamCloud customers to provide you with a more comprehensive look at how well this mattress performs.

The DreamCloud Hybrid has gained popularity since its 2017 debut in the bed-in-a-box category. As of November 2023, you can find over 8,200 customer-verified reviews of the mattress on its site, 80% of which are five stars – scoring an average of 4.6 stars. Since DreamCloud only sells from its online retailer and not third-party sellers, there aren’t other sites to gather more reviews.

Most of the less-than-perfect reviews were a result of an issue with firmness (which is subjective anyway). However, a few found the mattress slept warm (I didn't find this), and a handful also reported signs of sagging sooner than expected. DreamCloud is obviously confident in its mattress' durability, because it has a forever warranty (it'll also help to know how long a mattress lasts so you can anticipate when it may be time to replace it – hybrids typically last 7 to 10 years). You've also got a full year's trial, which you can use to make sure it suits your needs. 

Most customers, however, credit the DreamCloud Mattress with alleviating back pain and overall improving their sleep. There were several users who praised DreamCloud's timely customer service as well. 

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress placed on a wooden bed frame in a white bedroom

(Image credit: DreamCloud)

Should you buy the DreamCloud mattress?

Buy it if...

✅ You want a luxurious feel for an affordable price: The DreamCloud is one of the best value mattresses around, and delivers a surprisingly luxurious feel for its lower-mid / mid-range price bracket. The very generous extras – a full year's trial and forever warranty – really amp up your value for money. 

You struggle with back or joint pain: The combination of supportive coils and gentle cushioning make this mattress a great choice for those struggling with back pain or sore joints. 

You share a bed: Bed-sharers should look for a mattress that offers high levels of motion isolation, and I found the DreamCloud excelled in this area. You shouldn't be disturbed by a partner's nocturnal movements. 

Don't buy it if...

❌ You prefer a memory foam hug feel: This mattress has comfortable cushioning, but if you want a contouring feel, you'll need something with a higher proportion of memory foam. Consider something like the Helix Midnight, which TechRadar rates as the best mattress for side sleepers.

You want the best of the best: The DreamCloud is great value for money, but if you can push to a higher price, then the Saatva Classic can't be beaten. This is our #1 rated mattress overall, and boasts impeccable build quality and a luxurious feel. See them face-off with our Saatva Classic vs DreamCloud mattress guide.

You need something cheaper: Hybrids typically cost a bit more than all-foam mattresses, so if you want to save a bit of money and aren't fussed about the springs, check out the Nectar mattress – TechRadar's best memory foam mattress. It's from the same parent company as the DreamCloud, so you'll still get those excellent extras. See exactly how the two compare in this Nectar vs DreamCloud showdown. 

You're very lightweight: Very light people might find the DreamCloud a bit too firm for comfort – especially if you typically lie on your side. If that's the case, consider something softer, like the Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid

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