Samsung Galaxy S24’s tipped AI smarts could detect when you’re typing angry texts

Expect the Samsung Galaxy S24 range to resemble the Galaxy S23 phones but have a lot more AI
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The Samsung Galaxy S24 leaks and rumors just keep coming, with the latest touting AI features that may be integrated into the Samsung Keyboard and Samsung Notes app. 

Even though the first Galaxy Unpacked, at which we expect to see the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra get revealed, is mere days away on January 17, tech tipster Alvin on X claims to have information pertaining to the AI smarts the new phones are expected to get – Samsung has already coined the term AI Phone, and touted AI features for its next-generation flagship phones.

Alvin claims the Samsung Keyboard will be powered by AI, and will offer options such as web page summarization, tone detection for sentences and the ability to switch the tone of a sentence, and automatically converting scribbles in the Samsung Notes into other formats, like an email or a text invitation. 

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The tech tipster, who has a reasonable track record, said other AI features will also be present in the Galaxy S24 phones, but didn’t go on to detail about them. We suspect such features could be photography focused, perhaps in the form of AI-powered tools akin to the Magic Editor found on the Google Pixel 8 phones.

AI front and center 

Going by the leaks and rumors around the Samsung Galaxy S24 specs and Galaxy S24 Ultra specs, as well as the Galaxy S24 Ultra design speculation, we're expecting a trio of phones that’ll largely look familiar to their Galaxy S23 predecessors. It would appear that the big upgrades, beyond a tipped titanium construction for the Galaxy S24 Ultra and a 5x telephoto camera replacing the 10x zoom lens, are likely to be on the software side. 

As the rise of generative AI – whereby AI can be used to create new content, not just smartly assist with tasks and image recognition – continues to gather pace, it’s no surprise that the likes of Samsung and Google are exploring its use in their smartphones. 

We expect the Galaxy S24 family will spearhead onboard AI in Android phones for 2024, with features that allow for the smart generation of everything from dynamic photos to plans for holidays, or responses to messages that reflect a person’s tone or personality. 

To some this may be eyebrow-raising, especially when considering how easily images can be manipulated with AI, opening image fakery to people with no photo-editing skills. But it’s worth remembering that AI has been used in phones for some years, and many photos have a lot of image processing applied to them – this is needed to compensate for the shortcomings of the small sensors and the lenses in even the best camera phones, in comparison with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras – so they're arguably not exactly realistic to begin with. 

Regardless of your opinions on AI, we’re now only a few days away from the Galaxy S24 reveal, so we’ll soon get an idea of just how smart these smartphones could be. 

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