Destiny 2 gets massive "Go Fast" update for more energetic combat

If you've been a hardcore Guardian since the original Destiny came out, Destiny 2 may have felt like a bit of a step backwards in one key way. After a slew of re-balancing updates, everything just felt a little... slower.

Looking to answer fans' fears that the sequel had started to lose its energy, developer Bungie has now released update 1.1.4, aka the "Go Fast" update.

And, like its name suggests, it's all about picking up the pace of the game once more. All movement speed has been increased, whether on the ground or in the air, and abilities cooldown much faster now, with super power recharges occurring more quickly too.


Re-balancing a persistent online game like this can sometimes be a dicey experience – what if your favorite class or weapon gets downgraded? Bungie hope to avoid this by gently raising the power of under-powered weapons, rather than "nerfing" the top-tier gear.

The increase in speed will also be found in competitive Crucible play where, among other changes, respawn timers and revive lockout countdowns have been reduced. You'll find that the PvP and PvE weapon powers may feel slightly different after the update – the campaign modes will feel punchier, with competitive play's weapons dialled down a notch for more engaging face-offs.

The full change list can be found here. Is it enough to get you to dust off your rocket launcher?

Gerald Lynch

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