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Bots, brains and beyond: welcome to AI Week

Welcome to TechRadar's AI week! Over the next few days we'll be bringing you a raft of content dedicated to offering a better understanding as to what artificial intelligence is and how it has permeated the our daily lives. 

Once the work of science fiction and blockbuster movies, you can now find  artificial intelligence embedded in any number of household objects - from your phone, to your speaker... even to your fridge.

So this week we've set out to reveal just how powerful AI is, the gadgets you can find the technology working in right now and what the future actually holds for artificial intelligence. 

AI is everywhere

To deepen your sense of what artificial intelligence is, head to our AI Week hub now, where you'll find a whole host of exciting articles to read. 

For an added bonus, you will also find some fantastic articles from T3 and ITProportal as well, two sites that have joined us on our journey into discovering more about AI. 

TechRadar's AI Week is brought to you in association with Honor.

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