Panasonic has unveiled its 2011 line up of 3D LED TVs today, which included the DT30 and DT35 range.

The TVs are made from IPS Alpha panels, which marks a major change to panel production for the company.

The new panels mean that Panasonic can get scanning rates down to 2ms and cross-talk has been greatly reduced.

Size matters

This is the first time Panasonic has done a 3D LED TV line-up, with the company saying about the new TVs: "With the development of its new 3D IPS Alpha LCD panels that will now add mid-size models to the large-sized 3D PDPs to the Panasonic VIERA 3D TV line, Panasonic continues to lead the 3D TV market and meet the needs of customers all over the world."

The line-up of sizes is as follows: there's a 37-inch (TX-L37DT30) and 32-inch (TX-L32DT30) in the DT30 range and the same again – 37-inch (TX-L37DT35) and 32-inch (TX-L32DT35) – in the DT35 range.

The use of IPS Alpha LED panels is means to provide a wide viewing angle with almost no picture degradation, improved motion response and 400Hz backlight scanning.

Price and UK release date for all of the models is to be confirmed.