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Netflix responds to VPN blocking rumours

Netflix blocking VPNs?
Is Netflix blocking VPNs?

If you've been enjoying an overseas Netflix account with the use of a VPN or geo-blocking bypass service, the party may be heading to a close if website TorrentFreak is to be believed.

TorrentFreak has reported that the major movie studios have forced Netflix to begin blocking VPN users in an effort to combat 'geo-pirates' from accessing content that isn't intended for their regions.

VPN provider TorGuard has reported a surge in its users receiving VPN blocking error messages while attempting to connect to Netflix.

Netflix denies changes to its VPN policy

A representative from Netflix has reportedly told Engadget that the company has made "no changes" to its VPN policy at this time.

Why these users have experienced these error messages in spite of this denial is unknown, though it is entirely possible that Netflix has been running VPN blocking tests.

While TorrentFreak paints a picture of an aggressive rollout on Netflix's part to block 'location pirates', it should be noted that only a small number of TorGuard VPN service users have been said to have experienced problems so far.

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