PlayStation 4 consoles begin to be discontinued as PS5 generation arrives

PS4 Pro
(Image credit: Sony)

Out with the old, in with the new - though stock shortages have made getting a PS5 console near-impossible, Sony is already starting to call time on production of some PlayStation 4 models as the new generation kicks into gear.

That's according to a number of Japanese retailers (via VGC) that have begun notifying customers that it will no longer be able to restock the PS4 500GB Glacier White, PS4 1TB Jet Black, PS4 1TB Glacier White, PS4 2TB Jet Black, and PS4 Pro 1TB Glacier White console editions "due to the manufacturer ending production".

It follows an earlier message from Sony (since removed) listed on the Direct Store PS4 Pro product page that stated "there are currently no plans to restock this item in the future.”

Shortages continue

The halting of production of older hardware should come expected as Sony launches its new line of PlayStation hardware. With so many still struggling to find a PS5 console, it makes sense for Sony to shift its production line resources to focus on the new machines.

However, there's hope on the horizon – reports from a PS5 stock tracker suggest that there is a big stock shipment on the way at the start of January, which may relieve retailers dealing with order backlogs.

Gerald Lynch

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