'Leaked' PS5 faceplate images suggest the console is pretty big

(Image credit: Sony)

New, unverified images of the PS5 faceplates have been shared online. While some internet circles, including the Resetera forum where the images were picked up, are speculating that this means the console's faceplates are customizable, we're not convinced that's the cased just yet based on this particular leak. 

Either way, the faceplates in these photos hint at the PS5 being a sizeable console. While Sony hasn't released the official dimensions for the console yet, the plates in these images appear to significantly exceed the size of an A4 piece of paper, based on one of the images below.

Game news aggregator Wario 64 shared the images on social media:

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The source of the images is unknown – this appears to be an anonymous leak, which means their authenticity is a big question mark. 

If these photos are the real deal, we're not necessarily sure it would mean the faceplates can be customized. After all, part of the PS4's top plastic shell could be unclipped with ease, so you could replace the hard drive if you wanted to. It's possible that a faceplate could just be easily removable for maintenance reasons.

These images could also just be parts of a pre-built, work-in-progress PS5 where the faceplates simply haven't been applied yet. 

Sony hasn't revealed anything about the PS5's appearance or dimensions since the console was officially revealed last month.

What's next for Sony?

Rumors point towards another State of Play event focused on PS5 games coming in August 2020, but Sony hasn't said anything to that effect yet. As well as the console's dimensions, we're still waiting to hear about the PS5's price and release date. 

This has been an unusual console reveal cycle so far, with no E3 taking place and both Sony and Microsoft staggering information about each console. After last week, though, where Microsoft revealed its Xbox Series X first-party line-up, we feel like we've got a fairly good idea of which software both companies will have available at launch and beyond – barring any massive surprises.

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