Is Halo Infinite coming to PS5? Yes, sort of…

Halo Infinite Dreams
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Halo Infinite has certainly got tongues wagging since its official gameplay reveal, and some may argue it’s being talked about for all the wrong reasons. But that hasn’t stopped one talented creator from recreating the divisive demo in Media Molecule’s PS4 game, Dreams.

The short clip below, which was created by Reddit user Disarmed, is visually striking to say the least. From the game’s alluring start screen to the sunlight breaking through the trees, the homage to Halo Infinite’s reveal is clear – you can even see the Halo ring in the distance.

It’s not perfect, of course (but as we’ve already seen, neither was Halo Infinite’s demo). Still, it’s remarkable what people can create using Dreams, which has proven to be a powerful tool for creatives. 

Refreshingly, Disarmed didn’t make the Halo Infinite demo to poke further fun at the game, which has given us some top-tier memes already. “This is purely for fun, I’m actually really excited for Halo on the Series X,” Disarmed said. “I’ve got love from both sides of the battlefield.”

Dream team

The Halo Infinite Dreams demo isn’t playable as of yet, as Disarmed is fixing the game’s field of view “along with some other things”. There’s still a lot of the Halo staples missing, obviously – there’s no combat, enemies or anything resembling Craig the brute, who has Gravity Hammered his way into our hearts. 

Still, if you ever wanted to play Halo Infinite on PlayStation, this might be your best chance. Dreams is likely to come to PS5 as developer Media Molecule has previously said it’s the “obvious next step” for the game – so all that's left is for Disarmed to finish this fight… or demo.

Halo Infinite is set to release "Holiday 2020" alongside the Xbox Series X. The game will also be playable on Xbox One and PC, and is included as part of Xbox Game Pass

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