Walmart winter mattress sales: shop the after Christmas bargains

Allswell mattress after Christmas sales at Walmart
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If you're looking for a budget-friendly bed, Walmart is a great place to shop. It carries a number of the brands behind our best mattress picks. It also has a wide selection of budget models, including its own-brand line, Allswell, which we think punches well above its price tag when it comes to comfort and quality.

In this article, we've taken a closer look at the Walmart after Christmas mattress sales, with tips on what to expect from each brand, and whether Walmart is the best place to buy, or if you should look elsewhere. And if you're just bargain-hunting in general, head to our TechRadar after Christmas sales roundup, which covers all manner of gadgets, homeware and tech. 

The top Walmart after Christmas mattress deals

Brooklyn Bedding Standard 10" Firm Hybrid Mattress: $300 $138 at Walmart

Brooklyn Bedding Standard 10" Firm Hybrid Mattress: was $300, now from $138 at Walmart
This budget hybrid from Brooklyn Bedding is ideal for front or back sleepers who crave the support of a firm surface. It's constructed of 8-inch encased coils, an inch of premium comfort foam, and a 1-inch quilted foam cooling layer to help dissipate heat. All sizes are on sale for a total savings of up to $307. A queen is marked down to $218 (was $449).

Zinus 10" Ultra Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress: $374 $359 at Walmart

Zinus 10" Ultra Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress: was $374, now from $359 at Walmart
This Zinus mattress is a Walmart best-seller, rated highly by customers for its overall comfort and affordable price. Hot sleepers in particular should benefit from a cool-touch knit cover, gel-infused foam, and a 7-zone ventilation system for improved airflow. Only two sizes are available on sale – the other being queen for $429 (was $574).

Beautyrest 800 Plush Euro Top Queen Mattress: $699 $599.99 at Walmart

Beautyrest 800 Plush Euro Top Queen Mattress: was $699, now $599.99 at Walmart
This Beautyrest innerspring would make a fine addition to a guest room or even a main bedroom at $100 off the retail price. The plush Euro-top is inviting for side sleepers – and while its antimicrobial layer will help prevent odors we still recommend putting the money you save here toward a mattress protector to safeguard it from stains.

Allswell mattress at Walmart

Lifestyle shot of the Allswell Mattress on a bed

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Allswell is Walmart's mattress line. It used to sit on its own website, but it's now been absorbed into the main Walmart site. 

While we're not seeing any obvious markdowns (save for a deal on a twin-sized Allswell X hybrid), these mattresses are super-affordable regardless. We consider Allswell amongst the very best cheap mattress brands around. In our Allswell mattress review, we found this particular hybrid – priced under $350 for a queen even without an after Christmas deal – offered impressive quality for that low price. It delivers excellent motion isolation and sturdy support. 

There is a decent selection of options, to suit different sleep styles and budgets, and you can also pick up very wallet-friendly accessories. 

Nectar mattresses at Walmart

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress on a wooden bed base in a colourful room, with a couple sat up in bed

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Nectar makes what we think is the best memory foam mattress around. You can read about it more detail in our Nectar mattress review, but the short version is that this is an affordable and reliable bed-in-a-box that will suit a wide range of people but is especially comfortable for side sleeping.

This model is available via Walmart, but to be honest we'd strongly recommend heading direct to Nectar instead, for three reasons. One: there's pretty much always a Nectar sale on, and it's rare to see lower prices at a third party retailer like Walmart. Two: One of the big draws of this mattress is the super long trial (a year!) and warranty (forever!) and those kinds of things are always far more straightforward if you go to the brand direct. And three: there's a much wider range there to choose from there, so you can find the perfect mattress for for needs and budget.

Leesa mattresses at Walmart

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress on a bed

(Image credit: Leesa)

Leesa sells three different models through Walmart. Two are all-foam models: the Leesa Studio is the most budget-friendly, followed by the Leesa Original. This brand uses high quality memory foam (it's one of very few brands to include information on foam density used, on its website). It has a gooey, slow-moving feel that makes it a decent budget alternative to a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

The Sapira is the only hybrid (with coils) to be sold via Walmart. In our Leesa Sapira mattress review, we found this model delivered stellar motion isolation and cushioned comfort that's perfect for side sleepers and lightweight people. 

If you head to the brand's own website, you'll find a wider range of mattresses, including more hybrid options and some specialist cooling beds too. There's pretty much always a Leesa sale on, too, so that's a good bet if the model you want isn't included in the Walmart winter sales. 

It's worth checking both Leesa's own site and Walmart's Leesa store before you buy. If the price is the same, we recommend going direct to the brand, where the trial and warranty are more straightforward.

Beautyrest mattresses at Walmart

Beautyrest Silver mattress

(Image credit: Walmart)

Beautyrest has a wide range of options available via Walmart, at a few different price points. The line includes simple and affordable hybrids, luxe pillow-top models and memory foam mattresses. Although there are plenty of Beautyrest mattresses available via Walmart, it's definitely worth checking on the Beautyrest website to make sure your chosen mattress isn't cheaper there, before purchasing. There, you'll enjoy free shipping and returns, free old mattress removal (this is an unusual perk!) and a 100 night sleep trial. 

There's a slightly wider range on the brand website, too, including the some ultra-customizable options like the Beautyrest Black, which we consider one of the best luxury mattresses around.

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