Mario, Donkey Kong and Link prepare for a massive 2014 in the latest Nintendo Unleashed

Sponsored: It's set to be a busy few months

DK s back in town again

Nintendo's set to swing big in 2014, so it's only appropriate that the first Nintendo Unleashed episode of the year dives straight into the most exciting titles on the horizon.

Kicking things off is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, DK's first full outing on the Wii U – and his first in glorious HD. Fancy getting your paws on a copy? All is revealed in this month's episode.

Meanwhile, Link is also set for a triumphant return this year, but not as we've ever seen him before. Zelda Hyrule Warriors promises to shake up the franchise formula, and Unleashed takes a sneaky look at some new footage. Oh, and let's not forget Mario Kart 8 – we have a peek at some of the newly-unveiled tracks.

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As for the 3DS, we've got a copy of Mario Party: Island Tour to give away, plus info on all the essential new games hitting the eShop. And to top it all off, Nintendo Unleashed pays a visit to one of the biggest StreetPass events of the year to see what's got everyone excited.

We'll give you a clue about one 2014 title on everybody's lips: It involves a lot of characters, a whole menagerie of weapons, and a bruising good time.

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