I'm a man of a certain age and thus was a boy of a certain age, when the glorious original Star Wars movies graced both the big and little screens, as such I got all excited seeing a case called the R2.

Needless to say, I was just a touch disappointed to discover that it wasn't a metre high Astromech droid, but a budget case from JeanTech.

Compact case

As merely a low-cost, small midi-ATX chassis the R2 does an admirable job of being a little different than the norm.

All the drives, from optical to hard, are installed vertically instead of horizontally making it a much thinner chassis. The upshot of this is that the optical drive on the front of the R2 opens with the disk tray shooting up into that square space in front.

The compact and bijou nature of the case though offers incredibly limited upgrade possibilities. It also has an overly plastic feel to it, even down to the plastic thumb screws. As a receptacle for old PC components to fob off on a spouse, friend or child, the R2 fits the bill.

As a serious housing for your serious PC, you'd be a mug to go for this kind of bargain basement chassis.