Our continually updated list of all the best laptops available today.

With Windows 8 around and the Windows 8.1 update, Ultrabooks taking off in popularity and laptop-tablet hybrids seeing more releases, choosing the right laptop is even more confusing than ever.

Cheap laptops are more powerful and capable than ever before, while high-end devices are often perfectly good replacements for your desktop computer, able to cope with more intensive programs.

Those after a fast boot up time and a lightweight machine to carry might drool over an Ultrabook.

Serious gamers will want a machine tailored to their graphical and processing needs, while those after flexibility might fancy a convertible laptop-tablet hybrid. Speaking of hybrids, check out some of our picks for the best of 2013 in this video:

All of the machines listed here are laptops. Although we have listed the convertible laptop-tablets that fall more on the side of laptop than tablet, we haven't listed those that are more tablet-like. You can find those in our tablet reviews page and buying guides. Similarly, all-in-one touchscreen computers and other desktop PCs are in our PC and Mac desktop reviews page.

Our list contains the best laptops that really excelled in our extensive testing processes this year. We've arranged them into categories to help you find the one that best suits your needs. Soon, you'll also be able to find the best deals on these laptops through a future update.